How to increase video reach

How to increase video reach on Facebook

Video is one of the most popular types of content on FB. Facebook video content includes both videos uploaded to the network and Live-streaming videos. Do you know that its viewership is up to 8 billion views a day?

Some statistics

  • 85% of videos are watched without sound. Focus on the visual part and add subtitles
  • Video ad attention is 75% less for ages 18–24 than 65+. Make videos with different duration for different audiences (for example, a 15-second format would be better for 18-24 audience)

We want to tell you about practices to help pages achieve greater reach with video posts.

The main thing is to optimize video for the signals that have a big influence on distribution in the feed.

The most important signals are:

  • Originality
  • Viewing behaviors and video attributes
  • Loyalty and intent
  • Engagement


Facebook always prioritizes original video content as a way to reward creators for hard work. So the best way to improve your positions is to make/find high-quality materials which were never posted on FB.

We advice avoid content that already exists on Facebook and unoptimized video. Especially, don’t do it with fresh accounts.

Viewing Behaviors and Video Attributes

Video distribution on Facebook is impacted by audience behavior and various attributes of the video itself.
For example, a short video that viewers watch again and again will have a strong distribution signal. Also, this signal will raise because of comments and sharing.

The important things are the activity of the audience. If people watch your video till the end, leave comments, you will get a really strong signal.

Advice: don’t use clickbait videos and videos that feel like slide shows.

Loyalty and Intent

A strong distribution signal is sent when people return to watch videos again or search for content.

You need to optimize video content for Facebook search and announce bonus content (like Live videos, photos, or text posts).


Facebook likes when you inspire people and motivate person-to-person interactions. For example, users share your content with friends.

How to get it:

  • Your videos should trigger discussions in the comments (without spam and bad speaking, don’t forget to put filters on it)
  • The audience likes and shares your videos (without cheating like reposts on pages that don’t match the subject)


It’s really effective to use video content, but you need to remember about aspects that help to increase the reach. Therefore, it will help to get more leads.

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