Sweepstakes: how to promote

Sweepstakes are offers which suggest taking part in the online giveaway of the expensive or fancy gift. The user has to leave personal information to win: first and last names, card, telephone, and e-mail.


This vertical is very simple to work:

  • expensive prizes increase interest
  • people always want to take something cool for FREE

Choose an offer, make good creatives and earn profit!

The result:

  • The user gets a chance to win a prize
  • Advertiser gets database
  • Affiliate takes profit
  • In this case, everybody is happy!


  • SOI (single opt-in) – the goal is a conversion, but affiliate gets a small payment for lead (0.5-3 $). The advertiser pays for entered or confirmed mail, further monetizing it through mailing the database.
  • DOI (double opt-in) – it is necessary to get 2 actions from user:
    fill out the form with an e-mail
    confirm the registration via the link in the letter
  • PIN Submit – the user needs to subscribe to the services and confirm the subscription via SMS.
  • CC (Credit Card) Submit – your goals are the card and a subscription to a free trial (a small payment will immediately be debited from the card (1-2$). After the end of the trial, payments will debit automatically.

The most profitable ways for you are the last 2 variants. Of course, there are will be more difficult to get leads. But the bids are much bigger comparing other categories, so you need to take the chance!

And – SOI, DOI:

  1. + almost white offer
  2. + uncapped
  3. – relatively low ROI
  4. – harder to promote in profit

And – CC Submits:

  1. + high ROI
  2. – possible problems with caps

Sources of traffic:

  • Pop-under
  • Native Ads
  • Сontextual advertising
  • Social traffic
  • Push-notifications
#Don’t forget: advertisers strictly moderate promo-materials and can block you for using celebrities, mislead, shock-headers, etc.


TRAFFICSHIELD is a traffic protection system that allows you to create Blackhat ads without moderation problems on Facebook, Google SEO, Google Adwords, Bing, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

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ADFIND is a spy-service where you can get the most profitable creatives from Push Ad Networks such as Datspush, Megapush, MarketGid, Kadam, Revcontent, PropellerAds.

The service works worldwide, parses more than a thousand creatives daily. It gives the opportunity to filter creatives by date, country, popularity index and etc.

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Complete the registration form by yourself to understand what questions and actions don’t work. Test different approaches, because you get a profit for every lead – everything should work on 100%. Otherwise: no conversions – no profit.

If you want to save money, do A/B testing (test different sources, GEO, creatives, etc.)

How to promote

Of course, one of the important aspects is creatives. They should be original: try to do it with an unusual approach, don’t limit yourself with: “Win ​​FREE iPhone X!”

Example: add several good prizes with the mark that other people have already won them. And it’s time for iPhone!
The most profitable and safe combination for you is pop-unders. Firstly, you don’t need to have a big budget. Secondly, it easily adapts to any device. Be careful with using social traffic because FB carefully moderates campaigns.

Audience and GEO

You can start performance successfully from Europe (especially the eastern part): there are no serious restrictions on sweepstakes. Also, you can get cheap traffic.

Remember that the audience 25+ is more active online and always follows the trends. Therefore, this audience wants to get a new model of the Apple device for free.


Make landings pages personalized. Use dynamic tokens on landings (if the rules allow – check with AM). Increase the trust of the user by telling him that he came via iPhone through the Orange operator, and he lives in France. Also, today is a special day, so his chance to win is now increasing!

Working with the international traffic remember that you have more chances to conquer the audience talking with them in the same languages. That’s why it’s better to translate the landing pages. The user will more likely to perform the actions you need.


Sweeps are very easy vertical to show good performance (with the right approach). So take a chance and earn money with Leadbit Sweepstakes!

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