Make your life more productive

How to make your life more productive

Do you plan to start a new life from Monday, summer, new year/month? Stop making excuses for yourself and start from now.

We want to be useful for our affiliates! So we prepared for you cool services that will help you to be as productive as possible!

Let’s start with a couple of advice

№1. You can track budget spending and set limits on spending money in apps of banks. It will help you to organize budgeting effectively!

№2. If you use a paper notebook, check out for videos on YouTube on this topic. It will help you to find something new for yourself and adapt your planner in the most efficient way.


If you want to be successful in life and the industry you need to have a strategy and plan your day/month/year correctly.

We asked colleagues and friends about the best app for planning, and then create this digest for you.

PAY ATTENTION: apps have free and paid versions. BUT we sure that you can use the free version quite effectively!


App functionality:

  • You can create notes, reminders, to-do lists, tasks
  • Types of notes: text, pictures, photos, audio/video, PDF, copies of web pages, etc.
  • Ability to scan paper records, handwriting using the camera of your device
  • Synchronization within all devices
  • You can share the necessary documents and notes
  • All reminders, to-do lists, planning trips, vacations, important events in one place
  • The ability to copy and highlight the necessary moments in articles
  • Cool widget

Download: iOSAndroid 

We advise this app to people who want to plan their lives as seriously as possible. Also, you can install the extension for the browser and save the favorite pages.


An easy-to-use task manager allows you to create lists and tasks and track your progress.

  • You can easily plan tasks, for example: “do exercises every Thursday at 9 am #home”, and the app will create a task in the “Home” project with a reminder every Thursday at 9 am
  • To highlight the most important things for each day by using different priority levels
  • You can track your progress for the day and week
  • Cool advantage: the app integrates with 60+ popular services, including Dropbox, Amazon Alexa, Zapier, IFTTT, and Slack.

Download: iOS, Android.

The app recognizes the voice speaking best of all other applications (even if you just say “tomorrow”). It’s impossible to attach a file to the task and work with reminders in the free version.


This application is the most popular among the people we asked

  • Simple interface
  • You can group projects with tags, create various lists and set reminders
  • Synchronization within all your devices
  • You can attach photos, PDF files, presentations and more
  • You can share documents with other people

Download: iOS, Android

We recommend this app because it’s really simple and effective. You don’t need to spend a lot of time for planning.

Any.Do is an all-in-one app: a planner, a calendar, a mailbox, a reminder and etc. Basic options are free!

  • You can synchronize this app within all devices, share lists and tasks, set single and repeated reminders, including missed calls.
  • Also, it has a simple calendar and synchronizes everything you need with your phone’s calendar, Google calendar, Facebook events, Outlook calendar, etc.
  • You can set tasks by voice, mark them as completed by touching and delete by shaking
  • Mail Integration: you can add new tasks by sending email to

Download: iOS, Android

It will be better to use this app for projects like “today-tomorrow”, for example for a trip, etc.


Easy-to-use app will help you to be more productive.

  • You can set tasks by voice and attach photo and PDF files, repeated reminders (even without the Internet)
  • This app integrates with the Google calendar and synchronizes within all your devices
  • You can organize work with the Pomodoro timer: it breaks the time into 25-minute segments with 5 minutes breaks. It will help to focus attention as much as possible!
  • Customized list of tasks and subtasks, checklist, the tracker of habits quick notepad: you can filter them into thematic folders
  • You can analyze your productivity with the statistics

Also, you can transfer data from Wunderlist, and GTasks.

Download: iOS, Android

We absolutely recommend this app! The app is free and has a good list of options for effective planning.

For the important dates: we want to share the app which was created specifically for these moments

My Day – Countdown Calendar

This app is a countdown timer which helps you to track your holidays and special events!

All you need is to set up notifications for the selected event! A good moment – you can personalize this app with free backgrounds and your own photos.

Download: Android

We recommend this app if you want to motivate yourself before a certain event.

Let’s sum up

Planning is an important part of our life. Also, you can adopt these apps to the industry to build the strategy and check the progress!

p.s. Also, we will publish the second part with TOP resources for affiliates! Stay tuned!

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