How to start

How to start with 50$

  • Offer: Erogan GR, CY; Erofertil GR, CY
  • CPA-network: Leadbit
  • Traffic source: Facebook
  • GEO: Greece, Cypris
  • Period: 18.11.2018 – 10.01.2019
  • Budget: $36-60
  • Cost: $575
  • Revenue: $1,003
  • Profit: $428
  • ROI: 74%

I share screenshots from statistics without comment. Accounts are still working, the link is fresh. And it would be hard to finish the promotion for this special theme)

P.S. Erogan for Greece closed, but Erofertil replaced it. You will see the conversion rate on the statistics. So pay attention to this case study and make profit!

Conversion rate-1 Conversion rate

First of all, I want to say this case study for newbies which want to develop in CPA industry and to achieve their goals. Those webmasters who already got their goals please don’t be rude in comments. But if you will find something useful I will be glad. So, let’s start!

How to start with 50$

The first step: you need to prepare account, Fan Page and Ads Manager. There are many theories, myths, etc.

There is the theory the best decision is to register and manage accounts from Apple devices. This fact confuses webmaster when he wants to choose the device.

There are 2 points of theory:

  1. Registration with iPhone.
  2. Manage account through MAC.

I agree with the first point. I registered accounts both ways: iPhone and Android. (Registration with a mobile phone will be better than registration with e-mail). I manage accounts also both ways with MAC and Windows. Accounts from iPhone crash on selfie much less comparing Android after transfer. But both variants show approximately the same results.

BUT! It’s my opinion based on work in CPA industry during 1,5 year. So if someone has another point of view, I have no objections))

Don’t worry about the device: keep manage accounts on Windows. You need to create new user accounts in Chrome without any proxy and other anonymizers. The only thing which you should do: to install WebRTC Leak Prevent extension on Chrome. What is it for? If you visit, you will see that your anonymity is 64%. Anonymity lower for 12% due to the lack of this extension.


It happens because without the extension you receive IP-address besides the main one. It can raise the level of suspicions of using VPN.

Receive IP-address

The results after installing the extension:
Results after installing-2 Results after installing-1 Results after installing

Now we have no extra IPs and anonymity is quite normal. Deal with the device, go to the accounts.

About accounts:

It will be better if you register accounts on sim cards. Accounts registered by e-mail crashed to the selfie up to 90% more often. I can’t say the reason, but the fact remains.

#Advice: register account using a beautiful girl. The content you can take from the Instagram, etc. Don’t forget to clear metadata and add some effect to make them unique. Services for this step you can google with a request like “delete metadata”, etc.
Thus, the activity on your social profile will be much more than you register it for yourself. Fill info in profile (city, school, work, status): do it with the mobile device. It is desirable that this info coincided with your IP-address (you can find instructions on

Add a profile photo, a couple of photos in your feed, a couple of friends (guys). Then let the account time for rest for a day and transfer it to the computer the next day. You will be flooded with friend requests (most of all from guys), approve them without fanaticism: 2 or 3 in a day. Next step: farming during 1.5-2 weeks.

I’m not going to tell you exactly how to farm because the essence will be in the uniqueness of actions. If 50 persons start to do the same actions, then you know, the topic will fail. After farming, we create the Fan Page. You can choose what you want: there is no difference. Load the cover and profile photo and start to add informative and attractive content.

For example, videos with pranks, memes, etc (without porn, of course). Do it during a week or look at subscribers and likes. You need 50 likes and subscribers at least so it will show that your FP attracts users and links them to each other. FB likes it)

Yes, I understand that it takes a lot of time, up to three weeks, but the results worth it, be patient 🙂

Go to the next item!

Create a Business Manager (BM) and prepare it for launch.

After farming, we create the Business Manager. Many people know that you can create it twice and there are two ways of creating.

Create the first BM, then log out and create another one, nothing difficult

Use the App Dashboard. Here is what it looks like:

App Dashboard

  • In the section bar: select the App Dashboard
  • Add a new application

New application

Click on the plus and fill the form with the name and mail that you need to enter, click “Create App ID”

Create App ID

You will be transferred to Facebook for developers. Find here Audience Network

Audience Network

Click on configure and then you will be transferred to the page of creating Business Manager

Business Manager

Well, then you will understand yourself)

Now we have a Business Manager and we can add a payment system in the “Payments” section, I added the card. You can use any card, there is no difference. Then you need to create an advertising account. Name it, choose a currency, country, and payment, which you added to BM. Almost everything is ready to launch. Give the account to stay for a day or two.

In this time go to the next step: Preparation of the domain, creo + landing + pre-landing, white site, and clo @ king.


I use hosting I can’t find more convenient hosting with excellent service (it’s not advertising). Moreover, you can get a month of free. So you will not have to look for money for a while.

  1. Choose the plan in Beget (advice: choose the “Start” for the first time )
  2. Fill all registration points and wait when the account will pass the checking and start to work (it’s can be up to 60 minutes)

After the start, you need to register a domain (there is nothing complicated). Activation of domain takes for approximately 4-5 hours on average. 

Install the tracker on the server

Move on to the next item – installing the tracker on your hosting. I’ll run in advance, we will follow the way of connecting “click_api_client”, so you need to find the tracker, which supports this method. I will show the example of Keitaro. First of all, you need to register and place the tracker on the server. Here are links to video instruction.

P.S. You can place the tracker on the domain provided by hosting, over time you can reinstall it to the new domain

Setting up a white site and clo@king

So, you placed the tracker on our server and everything works. Move on to the white site and clo@king. You can read the instructions for setting up a white site and clo@king via

Ad settings

Well, now turn to the final step – setting up a campaign.

Promote for conversion. After selection the goal of the campaign you need to name it and set it up. Then move on to set up an ad group. Choose “Lead” as the goal of conversion

Goal of conversion

Choose the GEO which needed, put the places: “Locals”, Gender – Male, Age – 24-45 and save the audience.

Choose the GEO

Next step: configure the “Device Type” and “Platform”. Devices are only mobile, choose the following platforms:

  • Instagram – feed
  • FB – feed, Instant articles

But you can also put on the “special” theme:

Audience Network – Bonus Videos

Bonus Videos

“Conversion rate window” – leave the following:

Conversion rate window

I recommend putting the budget at $ 10 per day. This way you will get leads in any case at least two times cheaper than with a $ 25-30 daily budget from the start. After the first payment, you can already raise your budget by 20%. And after the second payment duplicate Adset with a budget of $ 30-50 for the future. Also, you need to set up automatic rules for raising the budget, also by 20-25%.

So, you set up an ad group and then move on to the creation of the advertisement. Select the format. Someone says that he sees no difference in the results between Video and Image. In person, I felt the difference, and here some points.


  • No spam complaints
  • Work for quite a long time (stable performance up to 3-4 months)
  • Minimum of negative reactions and comments.
  • Always good CTR%, CPM, Evaluation of the relevance and low cost of leads over a long time


  • Many spam complaints
  • Work not so long comparing Video
  • Gaining more negative reactions and comments than Video

Find or make a video is not so difficult. You need to find an appropriate video for targeting audience and not particularly understandable for FB. I can provide you with the material: you need to remake for yourself (remove extra frames and add your effects, music, text, etc.) Examples:

Well, some images:

Some images-2 Some images-1 Some images

The text for the advertisement was something like this:

  • 1.5-2 ώρες αγάπης; Εύκολα!
  • Πατήστε το πλήκτρο “Περισσότερα” για να μάθετε π

Let’s sum up!

So, we have $ 50-60 in our pocket, of which we spend:

  • $ 25 for the first payment
  • $ 4 for the site
  • $ 3 for a domain
  • I didn’t spend money on cards. For those who live in Ukraine: you can order either from ABank for free or $ 2 for a gold card or from Privat about $ 12 for two cards
  • I didn’t consider SIM cards
  • You have all the necessary tools and instructions for the successful launch of the campaign.

With the most “big expenses” you will spend from $ 36 to $ 60. I don’t think this is a lot of money for such a thing. So now it’s up to you.

I hope that this article will be useful. I wish you all success, motivate yourself to work and do it with responsibility. Never give up, no matter how bad things are. Thank you for your attention

Big thanks to my manager for providing SUPER support at any time 24/7 and for motivation to write this case study. Kseniya, you are AMAZING!

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