CPA Sharky

Who I am: CPA Sharky and what I’m doing in CPA industry?

Who I am? A new shark in CPA or just a man who wants to take a piece of hype? Answer: neither one nor the other)

My name is Zhenya. I am cheerful, energetic, and not media-loving solo webmaster with almost two years of experience. I am too kind and love to help everyone who asks me to help. So don’t miss the chance)) If you have some questions ping me! (telegram @CPAsharky)

I don’t like haters and try not to pay attention to them, so I advise them not to waste their time and nerves for my future case studies and guides)

My start in CPA industry

I can say that it was by chance and through friends. Moreover, it was in sweet time for any webmaster – a time when even the laziest one earned money on the “Black Mask” offer and when the FB didn’t have such cruelty as now. I started to work with a team (I very grateful them for the knowledge and experience). But I had to start working alone due to circumstances, but this is a completely different and long story). I will say one thing: I don’t regret it.

My traffic source

My main and probably the only source of traffic is Facebook. Also, I had little experience with MGID. Regarding the MGID, I can surely say: it is not a good place for newbies with limited budgets and little experience in CPA industry.

About leads

I just recently started a solo career and can’t show 0.5-1K+ leads daily, but it’s not so bad, and I hope for these results in the future)

Plans for the future:

The most important thing for me is the development and growth above myself in CPA industry. Also, I hope to create a smart team in the future. I am a very risky and purposeful person so my goals will come true soon!

Wish you high profits and iron nerves,

CPA Sharky

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