Trends 2019

Trends 2019

The beginning of the year is the time to think about the most profitable way to promote offers.

If you want to find convenient infographic and information with trends you need to use researches of digital agencies.

There are trends of 2019:

  • Mobile advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Personification of advertising
  • Voice search
  • Native advertising
  • Not just Google and Facebook

Mobile advertising

The level of Internet penetration into the life of the person (in the form of consumers) is higher with each passing year.

For example, at the beginning of 2018, the level was 72.8% (2017 – 70.4%), and specifically, mobile advertising rose to 56% compared with 47% (2017). The statistics are taken from PwC.

So all this statistics of the enduring popularity of smartphones, and especially with the fact that Xiaomi and others like them produce really good smartphones in the budget category – the popularity of mobile devices is not going to decline in the coming years. The interest in advertising is increasing in proportion to the demand for smartphones.

The main trend in the industry is mobile subscriptions. For example, traffic from the FB leads to the download of the app, and the user subscribes or makes a deposit. Thera are new offers in our project Leadbit MOBILE, but they are in private. Want to test – ping AM;)

  • 1 click | HR | Games | T-mobile, Croatia, Mainstream
  • Magic Flow | IT | TIM (iOS only), Italy, Mainstream
  • 1 click | Nl | Games | T-mobile, Tele2, Netherlands, Mainstream
  • 1 click | Nl | Glam Babes | All Carriers (iFrame), The Netherlands, Mainstream

About advertising formats: search still holds the lead — 49% (but its share has decreased compared to last year), banners — 33%, video – 16%.

Your goal: to optimize your website for mobile devices.

According to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, mobile video advertising for the second year in a row passes desktop. And in 2019, the growth of the share of mobile video is projected to 60% among the total costs. So it’s time to allocate a large budget for mobile video advertising.

Video advertising

The problem of all marketers and all those involved in the marketing process – consumer blindness. There is too much information and advertising around the potential client, which stimulate his brain to not pay attention to the most unnecessary information. And marketing specialists need to create effective advertisements in order to attract the attention of the audience.

And the video format of advertising is a good solution. Moreover, it’s the fastest growing segment. It attracts more attention, and accordingly, it is more effective.

video format of advertising

As can be seen in the results of the study, the “skippable” video format is the most effective for affiliates. The 6-second video dominates by the novelty – 76%. It is quite enough to catch the audience’s attention. A little more than half of the affiliates answered that they used the other “new” formats: vertical, shoppable, etc.

Well, based on the first paragraph, we can conclude: If you make a video advertising do it for mobile, because people spend time 7 times more often in mobile applications comparing browsers.

#Important: make interactive advertising for high engagement.


Personification of advertising

The more the offer is personified, the more likely the consumer will respond to it. This is confirmed by practice: audience make purchases via personal offers.

The simplest example: Lamoda email newsletters – “Congratulations, you have a discount”, “Especially for you -45%”, etc.

The goal of the affiliate who wants a LOT of leads is to add the creation of an ecosystem around each consumer to the marketing strategy.

It is necessary to set up the advertisement so that the user thinks “This is the solution of my problem!”

Native advertising

Advertising with using super stars’ recommendation doesn’t work in this time. The user is already doesn’t believe the obvious photoshop. You need to focus on the native format. Together with quality content – it’s a bomb.

Your need to create:

  • quality content on the pre-landing
  • campaigns to a target audience

Not just Google and Facebook

Users don’t believe two giants because of confidentiality and censorship problems. Now people are looking for a platform where they can be sure of safety their personal data. Pay attention to other sites, such as Real.Video. Came in first – took the gold.

To think: voice search

“Okay, google”, Siri, etc. Technology migrated from the phones to the speakers. According to experts, voice queries will be half of all requests in 2020 . Requests more than a billion per month in this moment.

But there is a problem: the user says requests the same way in life: “I want a cool black dress for a holiday”.

Your goal: to adapt to this topic and set up advertising for such requests.

Regarding this trend, the field for experiments is clear – if you figure out how to effectively promote in this situation, then mountains of gold are waiting for you!

p.s. Don’t forget about searching via the images

We don’t forget about the promise to tell about the TOP offers in Leadbit. The CPA industry is a place of quick changes. So we decided to make the analysis of trends for the first quarter of 2019 and add TOP offers definitely for this period. COMING SOON!

These are the trends we have turned out for 2019. Do you agree with the list? What list of trends do you have? Write in the comments, we are interested to discuss.

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