Landing-page conversion

Landing-page conversion: really working tips

Creating landing pages is one of the most popular techniques in affiliate marketing, as it helps to increase traffic and to target customers better. However, just like any other marketing tool, it can be applied with a certain degree of success. To help those who promote our CPA offers we’ve gathered a few recommendations that could increase landing-page conversion rates to previously unknown heights.

Before you’re reading, make sure you’ve already checked our last article on pre-landing pages. It’s important that you read that one since it’s all about the purpose of pre-landing, the types of pre-landing pages, and also contains some suggestions on how to make a wicked pre-landing page. In this article, we won’t talk about creating a landing page itself. Even so, we’ll give some insights on how to make your landing page compelling for the customers all over the world. So let’s move on!

Starting with the Slimfy landing page

Starting with the Slimfy landing page collaborated with the first pre-lander from the previous article

As most of our affiliates use this sequence (ad – pre-lander – landing page), it is important to understand that all promotional tools are part of a single sales funnel. This way the first thing a customer want to see on the landing page (after pre-lander) should be all the necessary info about a product he’s interested in. So that’s why a typical landing page like this one with a hell of information. It’s always good working.

Some important tools there to “warm up” a potential customer for eventual purchase:

  • a voice ad message at the left of the page
  • phone number and real social sharing links.

If a customer scrolls down he’s immediately faced with an order form the same as on pre-lander. It is absolutely okay to use this way to entice a customer by creating an attractive appetizer for the main offer. We are not calling on you to simply duplicate the content from pre-landers but some similar elements – that is the idea.

Note that the promises you make on your landing page should be supported through all possible means. It is good practice to add testimonials, especially videos, as they can boost conversions up to 80%.

Guarantees also work to provide your customers with the feeling of security, just as much as security seals, certificates, and co-branding do. In general, your landing page has to radiate trust.

Finally, the main working pieces of things:

  • Voice adsLet your potential customer feel free to not only to find offer’s info on landing-page, but also hear some useful insights of it!
  • Call tracking. Do you want to track all the calling requests from landing page made by yourself? Write your answer below then we’ll try to offer you some ways on how you can do it. Follow one of our next articles. 🙂
  • Media and social proof. It influence a customer to take an action rather more than tons of information on the landing-page. So don’t forget to make this content block as emotional as possible.

Do you remember the video pre-landing?

Let’s see its landing page.

As you remember it’s the landing page with just one video provides all info about the product and so on. Suggesting that the video will completely close all the customer’s objections (only those who have enough patience to watch through), the creator will have his $37 from each purchase.

But If you click on call-to-action when the video turns off, you find the just simple order form. It’s absolutely new approach to creating landing page. As for us, it should be tested before you decide to generate serious traffic with it.

Finally, the main working pieces of things: Although it is a great temptation to fill your landing page with all the text and images you can possibly find, it’s much wiser to choose only those that will work for your product and not to overload the page and ultimately lose the viewer. Only the video may be? Let’s think about it.

Upselling landing-page

We didn’t consider it in our pre-lander post ’cause this type of landing page is quite different from previous. We’re going to explain.

Do you see the green coffee ad spot on the left corner of the page? If you click that, you will jump on another landing page which is still in line with the main and contains a banner spot about Garcinia offer. The native ad offers a more effective combo of two weight loss products. So the difference is the promotion of main offer and up-selling of the other one.

The cross sale or multi-landing page is the perfect idea for testing!

Also, pay attention for the bonuses opportunities on the right block of the page. It’s pretty nice for the customer to get some benefits when they’re paying for the product.

As for us, there are too much of unuseful content here. Across our experience, we advise you don’t talk about the characteristics of your product, better focus on its benefits and try to answer the dreaded ‘What’s in it for me?’ question. Use ‘you’ and ‘your’ a lot to emphasize that you seek to satisfy your customers’ needs, rather than your own.

The text of your landing page should be concise and simple, with clear headlines and a visible call to action. Proofread and edit your text ruthlessly, as the smallest typo will undermine trust.

There isn’t something extraordinary in the bottom of the page. It’s absolutely normal way to end the landing page except for one thing – the burning pushing of a user to the online payment.

Finally, the main working pieces of things:

  • Upselling landing-page. Let’s mix the offer up for getting highest conversion rates of cross landing-pages. Don’t forget to test before launch.
  • The payment benefits. The bounces providing with this payment method or another will convert the potential customer into client.

To Wrap Thing’s up

Experiment! The best way to find out what techniques increase conversion of a particular landing page is to try them out. Do not be afraid to experiment, change images and the wording of your offers. However, do not forget to track and compare the obtained results, so you can develop a bulletproof landing page strategy. Use these simple tools to take your affiliate marketing campaigns to entirely new level of profitability. Follow our blog to get more affiliate marketing tips and advises.

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