Pre-landers: how to get the highest conversion rate of it?

Are you looking for a way to increase your affiliate sales but need something that really works? We have an idea! Pre-landing pages may be just what you need. Then this is the article where you’ll find detailed info on how to make the most profitable pre-landing page out.

First of all, let’s make it clear what’s a pre-lander

Considering the word itself “Pre-lander”, you can easily find out what a pre-lander is all about, right? It’s just a web page that comes before the actual landing page for the offer. It’s clear. But what’s the real purpose of it? It’s just the customer engaging step before the conversion.

A pre-lander proves the customer they want or need a particular product before being directed to the actual landing page to take an action. Potential customers want to know more about the product before get it. Actually, pre-lander is a great way to ‘pre-sell’ the product to a customer, so when they swing to the main page it is more likely they will take an action.

Most popular offer types that have pre-landers

  1. Cash-on-Delivery. Mean What kind of pre-lander is more engaging? ing the confirmed request: after the client fills in the simple form, the order has to be verified by phone. There is no need to enter credit card or wait for repayment order. If all is okay, you gain your profit out.
  2. Free Trial. This is a 2-step process. The customers pay only for order shipping then they sign up for some free content subscription or discount for second purchase.
    We’ll analyze all these two pre-lander types in health and beauty vertical.

What kind of pre-lander is more engaging?

Well, It depends on many factors, such as the type of offer, the GEO, and even small things, like a color or disposition in the pre-lander itself.

Take a look at some shots from top-converting pre-landers.

News type pre-lander, the most popular one

View pre-lander

That’s the classic version of pre-landing page. All the links lead to the main landing page motivating customer for action. However, note that there is a subscription form for a newsletter. Every user’s contact is a perfect opportunity to convert them into a customer. Don’t miss it 🙂

Also note the top design – made to look like a real news media: episodes, videos, interviews. But what we should pay attention is the countdown to the next episode you can click to watch a previous video. This pattern really works considering our top of Leadbit publisher’s pre-landers.

Just scroll the page down. Note that right content blocks are following the beauty content. It’s putting in mind of customer an idea that they really need this product! To finish it out use the discount! Pretty simple, right?

Don’t forget about social proof. It’s very important for those who hesitate about purchasing. Let them deal with it!

Finally, the main working pieces of things:

  • Email subscription. Use every user’s contact to convert it into an order!
  • Few number of links. Only necessary engaging links.
  • Content blocks. Follow the content of pre-landers. Whatever a customer will quickly leave you pre-landing page missing the necessary info.

Moving on! Next type!

Pre-lander with the video only!

View pre-lander

It’s quite different pre-lander type cause a video concerning the main ingredient here. What kind of video is working?

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Looped
  • With double call-to-action following the video

But the video has rather little chances to refer a customer to order, right? Let dig deeper.

This pre-lander has a second screen which motivates a user to go to the order form. It’s expected that all work is done by the video but just a reminder What can you catch from it?

Totally everything. This way is completely new, so you can implement the idea of using video as a whole or in part. Please note that your users must have good Internet the video actually works.

Let’s move to the next one, shall we?

Posting on the content websites

View pre-lander

We found this page as a landing for weight loss traffic from native ads, and therefore decided to put it on a pre-lander’s list

The first screen is similar to the classic pre-landing with a bunch of non-targeted blocks, with one important difference – they are real. Yes, this is the usual content of the website and the user can easily withdraw from this pre-landing on any other news that will distract him. Every link is real, including sharing in social networks.

The article is not very long containing one call-to-action and an offer and click open comments. And… Surprise!Surprise! They are also real! We checked a few accounts and they at least don’t look like bots.

The main working pieces of things:

  • Referral links. All links are real, working and can be shared in social networks. If the offer is easy coming, be sure to use social sharing links.
  • The real comments. Connect Disqus, let someone respond to these comments. These tips are suitable only for white offers that will get real positive feedback.

Moving to the last type, It’s more complicated.

Multi pre-landing

View pre-landing

It seems like an ordinary pre-lander of the first type. The fake news site, the top menu with the links leading to the actual landing page.

The targeted content blocks contain the photos of skinny people, for example, Jonah Hill. Have you noticed anything unusual?

Yea, this pre-landing promote two offers at once! Cool, right? To benefit the profit of one of them you have to order two products at once.

Double call-to-action till the end, of course. Real bomb!

To use:

This is a new approach to promoting offers in complex. For example, both of these offers are the weight loss, but they can be easily transformed. Don’t hesitate to mix things up!

Wrap thing’s up

Now you can recognize the most widely used pre-landers around. These pre-landers can really be a very powerful tool to increase your profit. They’re not an easy-to-use, considering you really have to figure out what truly works or the effect can be the opposite. That’s all for today. Hope you liked this article and that it’ll help you catch the importance and understand the patterns of pre-landers.

Have a nice day!

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