SEO checklist for newbies

SEO: checklist for newbies

Let’s take a look at SEO. This traffic source brings high-quality traffic and more money compared to other traffic sources.

Let’s start with the fact that this traffic source isn’t good for everyone, especially for newbies. Because it takes a lot of time, efforts, and money to do. BUT if you do everything right, the results will pay for itself.

What aspects you should pay attention to in SEO

  1. Not every request needs a full guide as an answer.
  2. The optimal length of the article depends on:
    • Satisfying the search intent
    • Creating better content (if you want to collect relevant links).

Checklist for good SEO

  • Backlinks make you rank. And long articles tend to collect more links.
  • Satisfy search intent by answering the question first.
  • Google doesn’t like content fluff and dilution.

Based on different studies, the longer the content occupies the top positions in Google’s search results with an average length of 1,890 words.

It is important to consider that not only the site’s length matters but the number of backlinks.

There is the formula of the top rating

  • Long content tent to collect more backlinks.
  • The more links, the better the rating (and more organic traffic)
  • Start the article with the most important information.
#advice: don’t try to achieve a certain number of words, it is better to focus on the full coverage of the topic

SEO specialists have been trying to write longer content no matter the cost of usability. This led to fluffed-up super-long pieces instead of the word count that is relevant to your goals.

By the way, this could be a push for Google to give a brief excerpt as an answer to satisfy the user’s request instantly without scroll marathons.

Brief excerpt
Give a brief excerpt

A very simple rule can lead you to success

The most important information is the first response to a user request. And then you can go more deeply on the topic, users interested in the details will continue reading. Provide the user with a clear way for the following clicks and conversions.

What you can use:

  • Links / Read more articles on relevant topics
  • “Sign up for a guide”
  • “Buy product”

About keywords cannibalization

Text full of extra information harms your SEO optimization. You need to follow a clear hierarchy to create a clean site architecture, ideally suited to the requirements of Google’s algorithms.
Googles algorithms
Don’t switch to other requests in the text if you have nothing more to say about the current one. This confuses keyword targeting and reduces the likelihood of you getting into issuance in good positions.

This is the cannibalism of keywords because the system is confused by what kind of request to display your site, so it does this in turn, thereby reducing overall efficiency.

We think you have already understood what we are want to say: one article for one keyword.

Let’s sum up the results:

  • Don’t focus on the amount – focus on quality
  • Focus on one keyword, avoiding keywords cannibalization
  • Create interesting content (use research, examples, data, etc.) to increase the likelihood of backlinks
  • Last but not least, don’t forget why the user came to your site, give him what he wants, and then motivate him to stay

Remember that competitors are trying to do their best every day.
Best every day

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