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Spain – is the state in the southwestern Europe, takes up most of Iberian Peninsula, the Canary and Balearic Islands. Spain is in the TOP-20 of European countries, where the economy is rapidly and effectively evolving. Today mining, light, food industries and agriculture are more profitable spheres thereby being sure of financial stability of Spain.

The development of digital and Internet market in Spain is quite sustainable and has no problem, that’s why we have prepared some useful analytics and facts about Spanish audience.Well, dear knights of the sad figure, get right to hot leads!

General facts

  • 47, 2 mil – population
  • 38 mil – Internet users
  • 28, 7 mil – mobile Internet users

Spain is the leader of the countries, where Internet usage is widespread enough. The number of users is increasing at a rate of 6%, it’s about 2 mil new users yearly.

There are a lot of sunny people in Spain, who like playing football, drinking wine, dancing and chatting with their friends in cafes and online.

What do Spanish people so online every day

  • 79% – chat with family and friends (social networks, messengers etc.)
  • 80% – watch videos (especially music videos)
  • 48% – check friends’ profiles in different social networks
  • 39% – surf the Internet, search for article about health
  • 36% – post something (photos, comments, ideas)
  • 36% – follow opinion-makers and bloggers
  • 31% – use the Internet for work or study
  • 29% – comment news
  • 26% – play online games
  • 23% – follow brands, goods and celebrities
  • 19% – make reviews
  • 16% – pay for their purchaises
  • 14% – try to know more about goods

About 70% of users often buy something online. Local online shops such as Zara, Mango are very popular in Spain. The second position – food and beverage, then – household appliances, and the last in this chart are beauty and health goods. Average price of online purchase – 70 Euros. announced that about 23% of Spanish people prefer paying system – Cash-On-Delivery.

Users in Spain spend about 30% of their free time online daily, it’s about 6 hours a day.

Internet-advertising is a powerful way of connection with the customers. CPA is popular enough too. There are some local CPA-programs and they choose the audience precisely. But there are a lot of users of different ages and needs.

Main traffic sources in Spain:

  1. SEO
  2. Context
  3. Social networks

Demographic settings

Despite the fact that there are a lot of Internet users, more active audience is the youth until 34 years.

Demographic settings

Adults are more active in Spain than in the other European countries. Spanish women 35+ use the Internet more often than men and women are often housewife, they have enough time to spend it online checking news and other information. Passive lifestyle can be the reason of some problems with veins and varicose as a result. But women prefer choosing cosmetology not medical way.

That’s why use some video-reviews in your landings, because this audience check the opinions, read comments and choose only proven things. Landings with stories about magic healing with positive reviews and results will help you to get your profit. Because these people prefer reliable information and reliable goods like Varicobooster.

To find right way you need to check different options and information, it’s important to know more about employment and payment situations.

Demographic settings-1

Because of high development of tourism, family business is one of the popular things – hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants. That’s why self-employed locals can earn even more than “white-collar” guys.

Average wage in Spain – 2000 Euros.

Spanish people don’t have any problems with work and money, they can afford themselves major expences and they often buy different devices.


Smartphone or mobile – is the main way of the Internet connection. It’s comfortable and fast to check social networks.

main way of the Internet connection

People in Spain often buy online using their mobiles. Don’t forget to make mobile versions of your landings. It’ll be offensive to miss hot Spanish guy who really wants to buy Tinedol by phone.

Fungus is quite extended in Spain. The heat, tight shoes, public beaches and showers are the main reasons of this desease. You need to test creatives of the high quality with some recommends of dermatologist, the interview with one of them will be exactly a good idea. Of course, you can use something like “Fungus is going in you all – please, just use the Tinedol”, but we aren’t sure 😀

Social networks

Social networks is the main source of the information, advertising and news. There are a lot of different networks but you know the leader well J about 23 mil people in Spain use Facebook. And you can find as women as men there. The average age is 30 years old.

Social networks

Last information about TOP industries on Facebook confirms its influence as one of the most powerful instrument of sales.

Popular networks and online-resources:

  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Telegram

Some news-resources just to understand Spanish more:

Besides TOP-offers – Varicobooster and Tinedol you can use some more:

Spanish retires are keen on their health and we are sure that they won’t be any problems to find the audience for these offers in the country of fruit and sightseeing. We have tested and has already had the result 😉

Spain is highly developing country where you can find users of different age and status. Spanish pay their attention to their health, spend a lot of money online and often use Facebook…why not it’s the best audience ever?!

Catch your profit, amigos!

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