Godlike GRreek audience guide

Godlike GRreek audience guide

The Greek philosopher Socrates said: “A good advisor is better than any wealth”. Before running toward great Greek profit – read some useful advice about this GEO attentively. They’ll help you to set up your ad campaigns more qualitatively and to avoid possible mistakes.

Greece – is the state in Southern Europe, which is situated in the Balkan Peninsula and many other islands, the country is surrounded by 5 seas. The main industries are textile, chemical, petrochemical, and tourism, a stock market trade is increasing.

The industrial agricultural country with the dynamically developing economy is a part of two major international unions – EU and NATO and has some support from them. Germany actively participates in the stabilization of Greek economy, what means that Greece is a creditworthy and trusted country.

Let’s break some other myths and legends about Greece!

General facts

  • 11,5 m – population;
  • 7, 5 m – active Internet users;
  • 4, 8 m – mobile Internet users.

Greeks keep pace with the fast-changing world. And despite the fact of their vivacity and sociability, they spend enough time using the Internet, sitting at home.

Every day 66% of Greeks are online, what do they do online

  • 98% use search engines;
  • 64% use social networks;
  • 50% check e-mails;
  • 31% self-educate online;
  • 12% order goods and services;
  • 11% monitor their health (read the articles, search for medical services etc.). Do you already know what category of offers is more profitable in Greece?)
  • About 53% of users watch videos online in Greece daily, and about 86% of people watch videos weekly.

YouTube is on the 2d place among the most popular sites in Greece. Alexa.com is sure that every Greek spends minimum 8 minutes on YouTube every day.

In choosing between photo- or video-content for your landings, choose videos with the process of using goods (cream, masks, sprays etc.) and some video-reviews. Video-content wins and stop denying it, really. Go videos for Greece!

Speaking of CPA in Greece, it should be noted, that there are some trivial sources of traffic:

  • Target ad;
  • Banner ad;
  • Context ad.

Because of some economic and political disruptions, Greeks always follow the news. Local news resources – Zougla.gr, Tilestwra.com and Makeleio.gr are very popular. The great part of traffic, about 66%, goes from them. The big choice of our offers will be highly demanded in Greece, but we have some statistics to help you to set up ad campaigns more precisely.

Demographic settings

Talking about the age of Greek Internet audience, we need to inform you that as kids, as advanced retirees use the Internet actively. All the age categories are above average.

Demographic settings

It’s a quite rare case that the audience 55+ is active on the Internet too. And you need to use this piece of information badly.

Do you want some hot facts from Greece

Here are some insights

The men in Greece are very handsome and extremely hot, as the Olympic Gods. They are famous lovers and always ready to give women great pleasure. But there is a little problem: older they are – men’s power is less. Test El Macho GR and Erogan GR with men 35+ and 55+. Old Greeks will be very grateful for the opportunity to be top dog again.

If we are discussing some pains in the Greek men’s world, we need to go deeper. To keep the reputation of extremely good lovers, narcissistic Greeks are ready to sell the Devil their souls to do their best in bed. Who else will heal the women’s heart on the vacation? 😀 Test Machoman GR and Maxisize GR with the audience of 25+ men.

But these are not all Greek secrets. Next!

We dig out very interesting statistics of the creditworthy and employment situation of Greek people.

employment situation of Greek people

Pay your attention to the fact that the number of the unemployed people in Greece is small. It means that the active Internet users may not only check social networks and watch online-videos, but pay for their online purchases too. By the way, Greeks are very able-bodied, despite the fact that they have 2-hours daily siesta, they have only 14 international days off.

  1. Minimum wage is – 876 Euros.
  2. Average wage is – 2, 749 Euros.
  3. Average pension is – 1, 860 Euros.

Men use the Internet more than women by 15% in Greece. But don’t forget about women at all, they are more active in social networks.

Some interesting facts about Greek women

It’s difficult to say that women in Greece are beautiful. It’s quite honest. There are handsome men but unattractive women in Greece. It can’t be all at once 😀

The Sun, some seas, delicious food…it’s hard to resist yourself. Try not to taste a piece of spanakopita with Feta cheese! It’s impossible!

Indulge yourself everything you want is about Greece. That’s why women in Greece are quite overweight, with beautiful curvatures. But they won’t refuse to lose some kilograms without any efforts. Test magic power of Fitospray GR and One-two slim GR. It’s top for 25+ women.

The healthy for Europeans Greek climate is bad for locals, there are some skin problems because of it. Greek women use cosmetic foundations profusely, their skin is bad because of the Sun and dry air. Skin deseases, premature senescence of skin and pigmentation are the most common problems. Let’s go to make some creatives like: Say goodbye awful skin in a day! 😀 No doubts that the same creatives will be popular in Greece.

Some “beauty” offers:

It’s easy to think that only Greek climate is the main problem for women skin, but we found out, that Greek women smoke like a chimney. That’s why anti-tobacco medicine is popular. Why not to test Nicoin GR?

There are a lot of different ideas what offers can be popular in Greece but it’s important to understand in what way use this information.


There are some common devices in Greece. TV is extremely popular there because Greeks like watching football. They go to each other’s houses or to the pubs to support their favorite football teams. But mobile Internet has the strong 2d position.

devices in Greece

Greeks often use mobile Internet to:

  • check e-mail;
  • use different messengers;
  • check social networks;
  • watch videos.

Test Facebook without any doubts. The audience of Facebook in Greece is huge – about 5,5 m, that’s why you can find your target audience easily.

Facebook is the most popular social network in Greece, people of all ages are there. But young progressive people 25+ is the main audience of Greek Facebook. They pay great attention to their career that’s why you can find them in different business communities.

main audience of Greek Facebook

One of the TOP industries on Facebook is beauty, that is a proof of our ideas of offers for women.

Despite the fact that men are more active on the Internet in Greece. Women use social networks more often. Instagram is the second social network in Greece. Other networks aren’t popular, don’t waste your time on them.

To sum up

Greece is a very hot and emotional country with some specificities. You can get everything you want from this GEO, but if you try sometimes 😉

In addition to basic offers:

A wise thought of not a Greek but philosopher: Who owns the information – it owns the world, and we are ready to help you.

See your leads!

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