Sweepstakes in Europe

Sweepstakes in Europe

The sweepstake is the fastest way to earn money online, just 1 click and long-awaited profit are in your pocket. The vertical is popular but not overcrowded, take it easy. The users would like to taste the victory and get valuable prizes doing nothing.

The blocks which may appear working with Nutra offers, ignore the sweepstakes but affect the size of rates. Working with sweepstakes focus on the number of leads.

More than 90% of users in Europe use smartphones daily. In time of FOMO (fear of missing out – the fear to lose something interesting), the users would like to have an access to the urgent information 24/7. This need affects the development of the mobile traffic as an independent channel of communication with users – apps, mailing, entertaining content are popular.

Promoting sweepstakes remember that the main motivation of users is the wish to get cool prizes free and to test the luck, what the hell. Some time ago we told you what sweepstakes are and how to ease the work with them. Now we’d like to take apart the most active mobile GEOs for details.

There is modern and active audience in Europe which follows the last trends and try to use all the novelties first which gives you the opportunity to pay user’s attention to the smart prizes which they can get: new models of iPhone and Samsung, vouchers for purchases in brand shops, free Amazon and Netflix subscriptions etc. By the way, not only the teenagers seek to follow trends, adults and retired people too.

  • Year growth of the internet audience in Europe is 46% with teenagers, adults and retired.
  • 64% of users manage their account on the social networks, apps, and messengers that gives you some more ways to work with the target audience.

Don’t be afraid to promote sweepstakes in pedantic Europe, just take quality creatives and start working.

  1. The most active GEO in Europe is Spain. Super convertible GEO and high indicators are the results of the open mind of Spanish people. The blind faith in miracle and positive attitude never leave the Spanish people. The work with sweepstakes for Spain is not only profitable but helpful in the future because Spanish creatives will be on top in the countries of Latin America too because the Spanish language is one of the official languages there. For example Mexica, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras etc. That’s why only one translation will kill some hares on the different continents. We have sweepstakes for Spain and the countries in Latin America, soon we’re going to make a digest of this GEO for you too.
  2. Despite the fact that Germany is one of the most serious countries in Europe, sweepstakes work there perfectly. Still waters run deep 😉 Germany takes the 3d place in the list of the richest countries in Europe. People have quite high salaries there that’s why they can afford some mobile subs or participation in online contests. Also, all of them hope to win something or get for free. Most of Germans, about 81% of users, prefer Android smartphones and often use the apps for this OS. Remember that fact adapting your landings.
  3. Switzerland never falls behind, the average salary is pretty higher there but the population is less that’s why only the 3d place among the countries with most perspective mobile internet audience there. 88 of 100 citizens of Switzerland use mobiles actively and can’t imagine their lives without them. People choose mobile internet as the most comfortable way of connection that’s why you can target almost entire country. You can get high rates per 1 lead in this GEOs. Traffic in Europe is cheaper than in countries of tier1, for example. Working with unique GEO and sweepstake you can get a big payday. Also, pay your attention to Italy, this GEO fewer rates but the audience is hot too. The warm weather makes people easy-going )

Prepare nice creatives and get deserved profit!

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