Tips for Google ADS

Tips for Google ADS

Digital giant Google processes 3.8 billion searches every day. It isn’t surprising that the platform can help affiliates to get a big profit with such a large volume. In this article, we’d like to analyze some useful tips that will help you set up campaigns on Google Ads correctly.

Billion searches every day

Tip 1: Pay attention to Quality Score

Google uses a Quality Score to determine the quality of your ads. It also analyzes the quality of the landing page, keywords. This metric has great importance for you. It helps to cut costs and upgrade the ad position.

How to find out its meaning? You need to add the “Quality Score” column (scale from 1 to 10) in the report: it is calculated based on the expected CTR, the relevance of the ad, and the quality of the landing page.

Quality Score
Add the “Quality Score”

Focus on the landing page. Check our tips in Leadbit Blog. The main points that should be: adaptability for mobile devices, good user experience, and a suitably located conversion goal. It will help to make the conversion rate as high as possible.

Tip 2: Geotargeting

You can set different bids for locations. You can optimize your expenses this way. It will increase your quality score, and your ad will be more relevant.

Pay attention to such indicators as:

  • Click-through rate (percentage of people clicking on your ads). It is proportional to the total number of people who saw the ad. Read more in our article about CTR.
  • The conversion rate determines the proportion of people who have reached your conversion goal to the total number of interactions with the ad.

You pay for each click regardless of his relevance. Want to save the budget? Improve your CTR and conversion rate. You can set different bids for geographical locations with geotargeting. You can improve the relevance of desired indicators this way.

Geographical locations
Different bids for geographical locations

Check the detailed article about geotargeting in Google Ads.

Tip 3: Negative Keywords

Optimize costs
Audience and optimize costs

The platform allows you to add negative keywords into ad groups in addition to your regular ones. This method supports you to segment the target audience and optimize costs. Read more about negative keywords here.

You reduce the number of irrelevant clicks, reducing the number of unnecessary keywords. It will help to increase the quality of your ad. You can lower your bid and pay per click on average with the same or more effective results this way.

Tip 4: Working with Extensions

Extensions can be underestimated, but they may play a significant role for the audience. The people who show your ads decide in a split second whether they click on them.

Extensions add useful features to your ad to increase conversions and CTR. Extensions include call buttons, location information, links to sections of the site, additional text, etc. Read more about extensions here.

People are more likely to switch to landing if they see the needed information right away.

Needed information
Needed information for people
Note: extensions are shown according to each individual request in Google to increase the effectiveness of text ads. Since ads with extensions contain additional information, they become more visible in the SERP.

Extensions are not always visible. They are displayed according to the forecast if they can increase the effectiveness of the ad. Also, it depends on the position and rating of the ad.

And perhaps the best part is these extensions are FREE. Clicks are paid unchanged, and clicks on seller ratings are free)

Tip 5: Don’t Underestimate Mobile Search

Don’t forget about mobile search. Every year the number of mobile devices is increasing. Also, their penetration around the world is growing by leaps and bounds. Keep in mind that the mobile requests differ from requests on computers. For example, shortened words due to rush or comfort, and voice search is also actively used. The last one is a separate topic for discussion.

Also, pay attention to the fact that people make decisions faster on mobile devices about whether they should stay on your site or not.

Therefore, a small recommendation: use additional keywords and create a separate advertising campaign for mobile devices. It’s convenient for you to optimize descriptions, landing pages, etc. inside this campaign.

The best tip: Tests

Promotion without tests is promotion into the void. There are small chances that you may be lucky, and you will find a really great bunch, but it is better to do tests for better work and rational spending of the budget. You can understand which combination of creatives will be the best for your target audience thanks to split testing.

The Last Thoughts

There is no ideal scheme for setting up a campaign. It depends on many factors, so you always need to:

  1. test
  2. monitor the market and follow the latest trends.

You can always be aware of everything that is happening and adapt new things to work is among the first this way.

Wish you a great profit and good luck!

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