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FB Ads: how to get the maximum

Fully prepared for the new FB campaign, but the results don’t satisfy you? We suggest methods that can help to change the situation. First of all, we recommend reading useful articles on the topic that will help in preparing for the new campaign.

So, what you can do to get effective results from the campaign?

Effective results

First, don’t forget that Facebook needs time to adapt to changes, so don’t make changes in ads very often. Leave them for a day (at least). The algorithms begin to learn immediately after making the changes, and due to this, your performance can seem unsuccessful. Don’t be afraid! Everything will settle down and drop to stable values after rebuilding the algorithms.

Secondly, some changes lead to re-moderation, so you can lose coverage and time because moderation can take up to 1.5 days.

Changes in the size of the bid, budget, and schedule will not entail re-moderation. It can be because of changes in targeting, creatives (images, text, links or videos), goals, etc.

Some words about creatives

Creative can show good results but becomes ineffective in time. You need to run several ads to avoid this situation, as well as useful tools that simplify your life.

Dynamic creatives. Ads will automatically create ads as combinations from pre-loaded materials. Next, the results will be analyzed, and the most effective combinations of creatives will be shown to your target audience.

Do not forget about banner blindness: if the frequency of impressions is increasing, interactions with ads are decreasing, it means that repeated shows have begun, and the audience tired of these creatives.
Audience tired

About settings

You can make a mistake in settings of the audience and goals. If you don’t sure in this question, then try using Audience Insights. You can test these methods:

Download custom audiences.

If you already have customer lists, then they can be a loyal audience for you.

Customer lists


If the campaign was launch for a wide audience, then we recommend focussing on those who have already visited your landing page. It can help to increase the conversion rate. You need to have installed and active Facebook pixel on the landing page to create such audiences.

Conversion rate

Creating a lookalike audience

Use your audience as a source to create a lookalike audience. Algorithms will find people similar to your target audience who are likely to be interested in your offer. Here you can choose the audience, based on pixel data, data from a mobile application or a list of subscribers to your Page.

Algorithms will find people

Audience extension

Also, you can set the narrow targeting. It can bring some difficulties to get enough leads, so you can try to expand your target audience. You can do it with the targeting extension settings and automatic placement. You can remove unnecessary restrictions in the targeting settings (relevant for lookalike and custom audiences) and combine similar ad groups (so you will not compete with yourself, this will help increase impressions and the chances of increased conversions).

About the goals

Not all available on Facebook goals on Facebook are OK for the industry. Let’s highlight those that can help us to get profit.

Facebook goals

It makes sense to use reach if you want to show ads to a narrow audience (for example, visitors who have not completed a purchase on your site).


If you need clicks, then this goal will suit you. Because the algorithms will optimize the campaign and show ads to people, who can more likely react to it. Don’t forget that the click doesn’t mean a purchase.

App installs

If you are promoting sweeps and gambling offers, then use it. This goal allows you to show and optimize advertising for those people who are more likely to install mobile apps.


It will help you to drive traffic on prelanding/landing.

There is a “thank you” page on the landing page or specialized button. You can track that a person finished order or registration through them. Set a pixel and a conversion event in your account.

The FB will find a lookalike audience and optimize the campaign for the most interested audience.

It is necessary to decide which goal can help you to get good results. You can also try messengers as a new traffic source.

And the most useful tip! Don’t forget about TESTS! If the pixel settings are correct and all previous methods still don’t give the desired effect, then try to create a new advertising account. It can be another solution.

We hope that these tips will help you make the campaign as effective as possible! Love you, guys!

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