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Traffic sources for Vietnam – How to start work with financial vertical?

On the March, 29th at MAC 2018 Leadbit team has announced new perspective vertical – finance.

Last time the microfinance institutions and short-term loans are in demand worldwide that’s why working with financial offers is the real satisfaction. We explored the market and found out that MFI are very popular in Asia.

Why MFI offers are good for Vietnam

The Vietnamese economy grows intensively enough, the level of inflation is quite low, under 0,6% for several years. The enterprises credit easily, moreover it’s profitable because the interest rate is quite low. Talking about individuals, sometimes locals use credit cards because it’s profitable too but there are some problems in usage of them. The immigrants even don’t have any opportunities to get the credit.

That’s why Doctor Dong is in business! Which gives the opportunity to get short-term loans without any problems. Locals and emigrants use this capacity quite actively. Why won’t you use it?!

We suggest to start with the best MFI offer for Vietnam – Doctor Dong, test it for all possible directions with Vietnamese creatives and with the creatives in other languages to draw the attention of emigrants.

Doctor Dong –

What traffic are really popular in Vietnam?

If you are brave, clever and skilled, of course, FB is calling you. But nowadays FB doesn’t spare anybody that’s why pay your attention to ad networks.

The ad networks are quite popular in Vietnam and work well. MGID and Outbrain provide quality traffic and big amount of traffic. Also, there is a lot of Vietnamese traffic in Yengo. Our manual will helpful here too 😉

One of the most popular search engine in Vietnam is and it has more than 15 mil of users monthly. The website gives some advertising possibilities such as banners, deployment on the top of search or ads on the sites of their partners. The fastest of you may buy the traffic using key words and be calm – substitutions using redirect and you got yourself a deal! Test not only Vietnamese key words and English too. Sometimes they are even popular. But you may buy all the traffic from search and stop.

If we are talking about the replenishment of your balance on – sometimes you need to prove that the card is yours then you’ll have enough money to work with Vietnamese offers.

Besides the ad networks there some popular sites in Vietnam, which sometimes are even more popular than google and YouTube:

Vietnam is easy to enter and to start, very profitable GEO.

Nowadays the vertical of finance isn’t so popular and overcrowded, it’s time to earn on it first. is happy to open the world of the new offers for you 😉

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