What offers will work better

What offers will work better in the fall?

It’s the August 29th… The fall is coming and soon we’ll see rains, autumn leaves and only sad people around. But it’s not the point to be upset and to stop working – the hot season starts! It’s time to prepare.

Today we’re going to tell you what offers are the best in autumn. Also, we’ll share some profitable links and creative ideas. Let’s go!


The special attention in autumn goes to healthy offers.

We has highlighted some urgent in autumn healthy problems. The autumn is the time when people dress under the weather and often are ill. Just little weather changes effect on the blood pressure or back pain etc.

At this time the goods which help people to control their health status are more successful. The same problems are more popular among the elderly people, or at least 35+, mainly women. It doesn’t mean that men are never ill but it means that women always control family health status.

Recardio – pressure stabilizing product

We recommend you to make creatives about the real problems «Does the headache torture you?», «How to solve blood pressure problems fast?» or «Does your wife often have a headache?» etc.

Here’s the perfect link for Germany – http://blogipage.com/rcd/de/minzdravhttp://de.therecardio.com.

According to the statistics, Recardio has 45% of approved requests in the summer, the rates increase by 20% to the autumn. The nice rates are the results of:

  • In the summer weight loss offers are popular, in the autumn – healthy offers, as we said before.
  • We often update the scripts for call centers, this autumn we already have new ones.
  • We’re ready to discuss personal terms: make the call center wider for your amounts, make private links, make the translations.

Artrovex – arthritis product

We think the creatives such as «Do you have regular back pain? We know the special treatment» etc. Pay your attention to the landing page – Artrovex DE – http://de.theartrovex.com, it has super rates and the number of requests.

Hondrocream – arthritis product

Hondrocream EE

Talking about old offers on the market, Hondrocream is always good with conversions. Ask the managers and get top terms for eternal offers.

SugaNorm – sugar control supplement

The autumn and the spring are the seasons when people are often sick, the organism is in the stress because of the weather. That’s why everybody who has healthy problems needs to be prescribed vitamins.

Serious illness like diabetes, require the special attention and stable control. That’s a pity but diabetes is one of the most popular illness in the world and you never know when it will become apparent. It’s difficult to understand with what age of the audience this offer will work better. Test different opportunities! 20+ audience, as the men, as the women. Something that will work with the youth, will never work with elderly people.

If you’re going to work with this offer, ask the manager for details and personal terms and individual recommendations.


This vertical is always on top, it doesn’t matter if it’s the summer or the winter. The men’s wish of always being «the first and the last» is permanent. But this summer we have the special offer!

Get the new adult offer – Titanium. This offer was made for the audience, according to the requests in Europe. Despite quite high competition, it works well! Titanium is the newbie on the market but you have a chance to get more as you can from it. GEOs are open to experiments and to global enlargement.))

Titanium – penis enlargement cream

Use the proven creatives and links in your campaigns.

The autumn is the nice time to start something, doesn’t matter what – to work with new offers, to make new ad campaigns or to control health status. We tried to gather the best offers and creatives to make your autumn more profitable!

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