MFI and ad network traffic

MFI and ad network traffic

Ad network – is the mediator between the advertiser and publisher. The owners of resources ad their websites as the platforms for adverts, get the code for ad block and download it on their sites, then they get some profit for each click. The users place their teasers there.

Teaser – the ad which teases the user. The advert never describes the offer for details, it just maneuvers, you need to click and to know more.

Ad networks is one of the most popular traffic sources because it’s:

  • Cheap traffic
  • Big amounts of traffic for the short periid
  • The capacity to work with different types of creatives: images, gif-animation, headers etc.
  • Profitable bid (if you have set up the campaigns well).

If you don’t know a lot about ad networks, they may become one of the worst traffic sources which can dump all your money. The traffic can be dirty then bots will click it once. So, one more disadvantage of ad networks is that there aren’t a lot of high quality resources, where the adverts are being published.

Planning your ad campaign for the million shows, you should to be ready to pay less than for contextual ad, for example, but the half of shows could be less effective too.

To minimize an error, a lot of affiliates, who work with ad networks, use Black list. This is the list of websites which aren’t cool and you don’t have to place your ads there. Setting your ad campaigns, you can find the special place for these sites. You can do it by yourself or download it.

The work with ad networks is easy and difficult at the same time. Only work can bring you the results: quality teasers, tests and some analytics.

How to begin in the ad network:

  • Sign in affiliate network
  • Choose the offer
  • Make 10-30 absolutely different ads
  • Test your ads and find more clickable
  • Start ad campaign
  • Control your campaigns
  • Analyze: affiliate network statistics, ad network stats, adverts.
  • Money money money.

To make the process easier, you can use Adplexity service, which let you choose some teasers from the ready base of creatives with a help of filters, edit headers, make ad campaign and place them. By the way, all Leadbit partners get super bonus – till 60% for different plans of service. Look for the link in the Bonus section on our site and use the service with the discount!

What ad networks are better?

There are a lot of different ad networks. How to choose the best one?

You can test new networks and hope that will win, but we highly recommend you to listen to more experienced guys. Here’s the list of the best ad networks:

  • MGID – look for the link with 5% cashback bonus in the Bonus section on our site.
  • GigaMega
  • VisitWeb
  • Pay-click
  • Lasycash
  • Bodyclick
  • AdHub
  • TeaserNet
  • DirectAdvert

Pay your attention to the traffic which is in ad network, it can be different (news, social, nutra, entertaining, adult etc.)

Some rules for ad networks traffic:

  1. It’s difficult to earn in the affiliate marketing, if you don’t have some basic knowledge about traffic sources, their features etc. Try to be in trend.
  2. Test different hypothesizes.
  3. Make only smart creatives.
  4. Learn to write nice texts.
  5. Don’t hurry up, only the 2d-3d teaser is successful.
  6. Analyze the statistics in different periods. Don’t panic if it’s doesn’t work at once.
  7. Optimize your campaigns all the time.

Talking about financial offers, these are some tricks:

  • In addition to the vacations, make teasers with the offers to take the credit for the vacation.
  • The men like car teasers – credit for cars.
  • The women like teasers with apps, houses and brilliant education for children.

Ad networks – these are the opportunities for those who want to begin earning in affiliate marketing. Original teasers, start money, tests and millions of clicks are yours.

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