Google Ads Geotargeting

Google Ads: Geotargeting

Everyone wants to get a big profit. And of course, everyone is looking for opportunities that will help to achieve this goal. We suggest paying attention to a useful option in Google Ads – geotargeting.

What is it

Geotargeting includes determining the geographical location of the target audience and showing them the necessary content, based on the obtained data.

Google Ads offers many options in geotargeting to allow you to get the maximum from your target audience.

many options in geotargeting
Determining the geographical location of the target audience

How to use this option in the industry

Set up specific areas. If you need to promote offers in several areas, Google Ads will help you to do this. You can specify by index, city, state, country.

Google Ads will also let you know the estimated size of your audience per month. Audience size doesn’t affect your cost.

Geographical locations
Different bids for geographical locations

Geotargeting shows advertisements within a geographic barrier along with other methods of market segmentation, such as demographic data (behavior and interests).

Learn information about the needed GEO: trends, behavioral patterns, popular sites, the most popular type of devices, etc. It will help you to run campaigns successfully. You can check the digests from Leadbit: Croatia, Vietnam, the Spanish minorities in Europe.)


Use our tips

Suitable language

People trust their native language more than others, so don’t be lazy to use creatives in the needed language. Of course, it is better to use professional help for high-quality translation because silly mistakes can seriously undermine the loyalty of the audience. Also, you can use a word which has another meaning in the local dialect. Therefore, you can use the tools from Leadbit – high-quality translations from native speakers (it’s a paid option).

For example, if you run campaigns for the young generation, find what in the trend now (popular jokes, slang). You can use it in creatives but do this cautiously.

Choose places carefully

Not only is it important to choose the right locations, but it’s just as important to exclude the wrong ones. Your creatives should be shown only to interested audiences to save both time and money.

Example: There are differences from region to region (food, dialect, customs, etc.) in Vietnam. North and central Vietnamese are perceived as hardworking, cautious, calculating people. Southern Vietnamese are more dynamic. Accordingly, the creatives for them should be different)

To sum up

Targeting the needed GEO is not a new thing but very useful, which will help make your performance more efficient and save time and money. If you didn’t use geotargeting before, it’s time to start.

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