How to work with ad network Yengo

How to work with ad network Yengo and get more profit?

Facebook is getting mad at ad campaigns and publishers’ accounts, it’s time to look for some new possible traffic sources. The first and the easiest way to get profit besides FB is ad network. That’s why we have prepared step-by-step guide how to work with ad networks on one of the most popular Asian GEO – Thailand! Thailand is the simple GEO, it’s easy to come in and to get out. Let’s find some alternative sources and the profit is yours!

The main question about Yengo at the beginning is quite strict moderation. For a long time we have discussed Leadbit bunches, landing and pre-landing pages with Yengo team, we have adapted them for ad network terms and now about 90% of our promo work with Yengo perfectly and moderation takes not more than 1 day.

Moreover, working with an agent account Leadbit, you can get an agreed list of landing pages and pre-landings for Thailand. The ad campaigns with these bunches will get “approved” status easily. One more bonus from Leadbit – get 10% cashback to your account on Yengo in the next month (spending $1000 on Yengo in April, you’ll get $100 cashback in May etc.) Personal managers will help you with great pleasure, don’t forget to ask them 😉

Let’s start working with Yengo together!

To sign in ad network and to begin working in an agent account ask your manager and get agreed lists of promo.

So, ask your personal manager and get the list of landing pages which has already passed the moderation.

Make your first ad campaign

Make your first ad campaign Make your first ad campaign-1

Set up your targeting

Set up your targeting

Also, you can set up the timing of shows of your ads and types of devices but we recommend to start your campaigns for different devices to get more traffic and optimize it. The time zone in Yengo – +7, Bangkok.

Recharge the balance

Recharge the balance of your account via PayPal or just credit card. You need $20 for 10 adverts, $40 for 20 ads etc.

Recharge the balance

Add adverts

Then add adverts, average number is 6-10 ads in a group. We recommend to make 3-4 advertising campaigns with different creatives and ways of promotion.

Pay your attention to the Yengo rules:


  • Language: Thai or English without mistakes (personal manager will help)
  • Don’t use the words “before” and “after”
  • Don’t use more than 2 images
  • Some advert terms are below

Add adverts


The moderation of the agreed landing and prelanding pages will take not more than 1 day.

More traffic

To get more traffic, CTR of your teasers must be 0,3 – 0,5 and more.

Start the campaigns

To start the campaigns, choose the click price by 20-30% more than minimum, if it’s possible. It may help you to get higher CTR and more traffic.

Black list

The process of making black list is quite simple – wait for 150-200 clicks on each platform. If you don’t get them, turn off the platform.

Advertising networks

As in most of advertising networks, there will be 2-3 platform which will give you high number of traffic in Yengo. Sometimes one of these platform drags down all the campaigns. In this case, if your CTR lets you have some profit, it’s better to have this kind of platforms till the moment.

Main key

The main key to the success is stable check up of the black lists, some times a day.

Profitable campaign

If you found the profitable campaign, it’d be better to save all the platforms trying to earn more.

Let’s sum up the main points of Yengo:

  • Super bunch;
  • Look for the best teaser ever;
  • Daily check up.

If you found the best bunch: “teaser – bid – header -pre-landing -landing page”, it’s better to continue working this way, making campaigns and adverts. Then you’ll get more profit.

To get high amount of traffic, focus on 10-20 campaigns and 6-10 teasers in each, they will do their best. Remember that teasers live for 2 weeks in average – keep a lid on.

Are you still sending your selfies knocking on FB heaven’s doors?

But somebody is already working with ad networks and is getting his profit! You can choose, but catch a piece of advice by Leadit – don’t waste your time and test different sources 😉

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