Knockin on FB doors

Knockin’ on FB doors

In the affiliate world only and conversations that about ruthless FB and the publishers which become red as blood trying to save their accounts. Let’s forget about the lyrics and try to save the day, have been losing one of the best traffic sources.

The story

Some time ago FB has already scared the advertisers with the periodic lockings. This spring Zuckerberg has failed big and the world had learned that it’s quite easy to transmit the personal information via FB.

Also, everybody is sure that the elections in the USA were fabricated that’s why Mark is ready to protect the integrity of elections around the world. He has promised that the same situation would never recur and FB would stay the social network for communications with the whole world.

After that Zuckerberg began locking everything that was lying in the wrong places. Of course, the first victims became the publishers. We have gathered the most helpful recommendations for those who are planning to storm FB until the blood.

Ready, aim, fire!

The manual for those who want to save FB accounts

FB is the American product, that’s why work with the accounts in the American political directions. It’ll make your life a little bit easier.)

FB is the American product

Prepare your accounts for work in the particular GEO. If you need the accounts for ads in Europe, sign them in via European phone numbers. If you need the adverts in Asia, use Asian SIM-cards.

  • Use browsers anti-detect, such as or, also Mimic browser. Working with them you have a lot of advantages, for example, you always can connect with the creators to change the terms of work or improve the service.
  • Talking about clo, there are a lot of opportunities on the market but nothing is supernatural – every service work through IP-addresses using data bases of reviewers. In general, everybody uses fraudbuster, just clock it and Noipfraud but you need to get an invite to log in there.
  • Don’t “drown” the accounts with unstoppable ad campaigns. Manage the levels on every account and let them rest.
  • Don’t forget about trusted access to your accounts. It’ll let you save the money 5-10 times.
  • Working with accounts, use English tags, add friends – these actions don’t involve the suspicions. Use local tags (it depends on the GEO), make special “habitat” for your accounts.
  • Consider conditions recorded, especially confrontation between the USA and some other countries.
  • Don’t forget about “drops”. You always can ask them the accounts with multi-annual history – you can buy them or rent (the price will depend on your diplomatic skills). Then you can easily set up your ad campaigns via VPN and GEO of your “drop”. In this case, you may regain the control with his help.
  • Download the phone numbers base to your Google account (you know that you can buy it), connect it with your FB account and import all the contacts. It’ll look like you have used your own phone book.
  • You can find freelancers for SIM-cards, cards, and accounts on Upwork – an international base for telework.
  • Use only .com
  • Check your first ad campaigns on the multipage website such as Amazon or something like this. Don’t use pre-landing pages – just check the campaigns.
  • Increase the amounts of money gradually. Don’t work with a lot of money at the beginning, you’ll become a suspect soon. You can increase the amounts twice a day by not more than 40%.
  • Use Tinkoff or epayments cards.
  • We create the landing pages which you can use to put FB pixel there and other metrics to form “look-alike” audience.
  • Forget about stop-words, long-reads, and unpleasant images.
  • If you work with FB with serious intentions, you’ll have more chances to become successful. The work with this traffic source requires you preliminary work. It’s easy to fail if you don’t think about your future actions, especially in the harsh realities.

Read our manual and knock on FB doors successfully!

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