MFI & e-mail marketing

MFI & e-mail marketing

Today we’re ready to tell you about e-mail marketing and how they work with financial offers. The e-mails may be different… Let’s deal with it together!

The most profitable kinds of e-mailing:

  • Launching e-mail (selling)
  • Branding e-mail (news)
  • Trigger e-mail

Selling e-mails

It’s the most common kind of e-mailing. Obviously, it’s the main goal is the sale. To sell something, you need to pay the attention of the audience, to hold this attention and then generate the call to action.

In the case with financial offers, there should be the information and detailed description of bank and MFI offers with the bright pictures and the link. The same e-mailings usually work for potentially interested users, but people use them for the “cold base” more.

The most of publishers wrongly suppose that more clicks they get – more conversion they have. But there aren’t any win-win situations. One offer will work better with the target ad, but the other will work with the amounts of users.

The effectiveness of the e-mailings can be recognized:

  • It has “selling” banners.
  • The correct work with the modern systems of modernization.
  • The landing page has the perfect usability.
  • “Catchy” header.
  • Set up well target.
  • The vortex of sale.

Branding e-mails (news)

Usually advertisers do this kind of the emailing. Their main goal is the news. How useful can they be for publishers?

You can segment your current base, figure out the users interested users. The main instruments are quality content and the size of the e-mail. Nobody will pay attention to the enormous letter with a lot of words. Don’t forget about that planning your ad campaigns.

Trigger e-mails

This is friendliest type of e-mails. If you planned the strategy and set up the triggers, these e-mails can show you more effective results, more requests and registrations.

The trigger e-mails are the elements of automotive marketing, its main goal is to not let the users get out of the vortex of sale.

For the newbies and for those who can doubt in his abilities, we recommend to use some special services which can help to set up the trigger e-mails:

If you are brave, strong and smart, these recommendations are for you:

  • It’s important to figure out the main aim of emailing and then plan the strategy.
  • Planning the strategy – think of the number of e-mails, the time and days when you’re going to send them and what topics you will choose.
  • The users who filled the questionnaires can be converted later. That’s why don’t forget them.

Everything is quite clear with the e-mails. Now let’s go back to the start point.

Nothing will help you without the quality e-mail parcing, neither perfect texts, nor e-mail strategies. There are only two options to work with the base of e-mail addresses: to gather the bases manually or e-mail parcing. The parcing is ok because you don’t need to continue efforts, just start the searching via service and wait for the lists.

Catch some services for e-mail parcing:

If you decided to gather the bases manually, you’d need only 2 instruments such as “E-mail extractor” Google Chrome and Facebook. Just filter the demand via keywords, we choose the posts with the biggest number of comments, find them and copy all possible addresses to “E-mail extractor”.

Some services for e-mail marketing:

And so, e-mails are one of the best and profitable traffic sources for financial offers. You can get quite nice results working with e-mails and planning the strategy.

We wish you to get more and more!

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