Push-traffic: CPA-features

Push-traffic: CPA-features

The last times there were a lot of discussions of push-traffic, even more than about France win at World Cup 2018.

Because of the difficulties connected with FB ad terms, some of you start working more with push-notifications. That’s nice because this kind of traffic is successful, profitable.

We have decided to make out for details some push-features, advantages of this traffic and strong points, then get our ultimate guide!

Here we go!

Push-notifications – these are the small popups on any devices screens with the notification area or with the opportunity to get some data from the internet. The main goal – to inform the user about the news, actions, sales, special offers etc. fast and catchy.


  • Browser notifications
  • Mobile notifications

Browser notifications

You regularly face to the same notifications when the website you’re checking asks for the right to send you some notifications at the wrong time. You click automatically and confirm the request. Then you get all the news and offers, even doesn’t matter if the browser is closed.

This kind of notifications is cross-platforming, it means that you can find them in different devices: starting with smartphones and finishing with laptops. The last info from Google – these notifications have the rates of opening by 35 times even more than e-mailings. With their help you can conquer the millions of the users. You can send from 5 to 7 thousands notifications in a sec. Just imagine the amounts of possible traffic!

Mobile notifications

These are the notifications which you get from the mobile apps. They can be different:

  • Geo-location notifications (some apps which have an access to user’s locations send the urgent info according to his position. For example, Starbucks usually sends special coupons with discounts if the person is near the café. Is it possible to resist?).
  • Active promotion (discounts, new or season offers, sales etc.)
  • Reminders (about your order in the box, about new functions or new offers).

Push-traffic advantages

Now every publisher may get the portion of traffic from push-notifications since this kind of traffic didn’t become annoying. Why is it so popular now?

Personal approach

You can set up the notifications in a special way and users will get them at the most appropriate moment, when they will be ready to react correctly. In this case, push-notifications can win over the whole world.

Push-notifications is the new black

It means that push-notification is the kind of the native ad. It’s native/natural according to users’ interests. Usually, people choose websites by themselves, they are ready to get notifications from them. In this case your notifications can be desired.

Powerful amounts

Push-notifications are perfect not only for the existing users but for the super new ones. This is one of the kinds of traffic which lets you go ahead with your laconic creatives.

Bots-free territory

Push-traffic is always about real people, no bots, no fakes etc.

Effectiveness of push-notifications

You need to be very careful to work with push-notifications successfully despite the fact that it’s quite easy to work with it but it as usual has some potholes. For example, you may make the users block your notifications with a lot of junk notifications with the same ads. Don’t test the users’ patience, send notifications only at appropriate time.

Don’t forget that the users of different ages are usually online at the different times. If you are ready to experiment, with target settings, the statistics which you will help you to be more attentive to the audience later.


  • Segment the audience
  • Set up geo-targeting
  • Set up the time zones
  • Plan the mailings
  • Download the pictures to each mailing
  • Launch automatic mailings
  • Set up auto generation of UTM

To start working with push-traffic you need to check different services which have this type of traffic. We have some ideas for you.

Firstly, you can find this kind of traffic in your favorite ad networks such as MGID and PropellerAds. The perfect collaboration of familiar interface and new options. By the way there are some services which are specializing only at push-traffic:


  • Absolutely free service
  • Real time analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Data import
  • Premium options on demand


  • CPC model
  • Support and moderation 24/7
  • More than 60 mil of users, more than 12 mil of clicks daily
  • Daily cases
  • Detailed target settings
  • The bonus from Leadbit 😉 ask the managers for promotional code with discounts.

Here is the example of interaction of MegaPush and Leadbit – some settings and test campaign – http://actualtraffic.ru/site/megapush/.

Push-traffic and CPA

We have discussed general details of this format, how to use in practice?

Unlike the traditional teasers, push-notification is more clickable format of traffic. To get some reactions you need to try, especially, on the overcrowded market, to pay attention to you ad.

In case with push-notifications we have another story – users’ attention is already on you! It’s very difficult to miss the push-notification.

You have less chances to be mistaken and more chances to have dizzying success. How to get the high results planning your ad campaign:

  1. At first, you need to go to the trouble and plan absolutely different campaigns with different ways of promotion and creatives. All you ad campaigns will work for the same users, similar campaigns can become the death sentence for your profit.
  2. Don’t forget that push-notifications – it’s the short review of your ad, the most important info about the offer which the user should catch. A lot of text – the bad idea for push-notifications.
  3. Besides the fact that your campaigns should be diverse, they should be updated all the time. The old push-notifications stop showing the results that’s why you need to control everything working with it. If you recognized that the interest went down, change the ads.
  4. The priority goes to “solvent” publisher. If your balance is full with $400, for example, you have more chances to get more leads than the person who works with $50. It seems that in this case you ad campaigns will fail.
  5. The price of click affects to the quality of audience. The price is higher – any creatives work, the average price – no guarantees – only luck, the minimal price – very capricious audience, only exclusive creatives etc.
  6. Talking about the price of click – start with recommended one and then reduce.

Well, to sum up, push-traffic is nice, profitable and comfortable. It has some big opportunities. To realize the big amounts of traffic you need to work with creatives diversity and free GEOs, but the result won’t make you wait. Begin working and do not wait for the wonders. Make them by yourself!

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