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Straight Sale – important details

In the always changing CPA world it’s necessary to follow new trends and ideas, suggest to the partners new verticals and offers which are on top everywhere and will bring the nice profit in the nearest future.

This time Leadbit is ready to work with new straight sale offers!

Let’s discuss it together!

What is Straight sale?

These offers replaced once-popular trial offers on the market. It’s a kind of the real straight sales, where the user gets the product and pay for it after filling a special form. The users leave some personal information about the cards and its owners and then get the good, they don’t need any special actions more. Just some competent creatives, quality landing page and working call to action – the proven lead is in your pocket. The confident try to explain the user the real value of the good is the big part of your success on the market.

This is really comfortable system of payment, the user is aware of the choice that’s why you don’t need to confirm his choice again and again. In this case, unconfirmed request is almost an impossible option. In this regard, there are some important requirements for the traffic that’s why it’s better to work with these offers “legally”, but nobody prohibits your tries to override the system.

What GEOs are better for straight sale offers

Straight sale offers are good in the GEOs where online payments and usage of the cards are popular. The countries from the list of tier 1 are the most interesting and profitable for these offers. The income of the citizens of countries like UK, US and DE, for example, is enough and they can afford some impulsive purchases. Especially, if these purchases can help the people feel themselves better, more confident etc.

To make sure that straight sale offers really work in Germany – catch new offers in Leadbit:

Germany is a confident GEO which is always on top and please us with the stable conversion and nice rates.

How to attract the users

The work with straight sale offers requires the precise “attacks” on the target audience, you don’t have any options to spend a lot of time trying to convince the users to buy this good.

The client should understand:

  1. What problem this offer can solve?
  2. What way and why the problem can be solved?
  3. What does he get in the result?

Answering these 3 questions you make the user believe that it really works. In case with straight sale offers the call to action and the profit for a user should be extremely clear. The user should understand exactly what he gets and how much it costs.

The quite classic link – pre-landing page + landing page – works confidently too. Try to reassure the users that your goods are the best and that he won’t have any problems with them, with personal information etc.

How to start?

To promote straight sale offers you need to know all possible traffic sources for nutra. By the way, these are real nutra offers, but here we use the quite different model of paying. It’s better to try ad networks because there is a lot of special traffic. The prudent approach to this traffic source can bring you a lot of leads and quality traffic which can work for months.

Also, you can try FB or IG, it’s quite difficult to get the leads in one click but if you can do that, it can become the high road!

Straight sale offers are the shortest way to the quality profit. Every user can become a customer, your main goal is to catch them and don’t let them go!

Good luck!

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