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Google updates [SEO TIPS]

Google allows customizing snippets in search results.

By default, Google always generates search fragments according to user requests and the types of devices they use.

There was the option to allow a textual snippet or not allow one before this innovation. There are several methods to fine-tune the preview content displayed for web pages.

These ways include using robots meta tags as well as a brand new type of HTML attribute.

snippets in search results

What is the use for the industry?

Affiliates need to find new ways to get traffic because the audience is becoming more advanced, and banner blindness is progressing. This innovation is good as one of the approaches that you can test to find the most effective way of attracting the target audience.

Now you can use these meta tags by adding x-robots-tag to the HTML page or pointing through the HTTP header.

  • “nosnippet” – an existing option, allows you to specify showing the text fragment on the page
  • “max-snippet: [number]” (NEW) – it helps you specify the maximum length of the text (in characters) for the page. There is no exact number of characters. It depends on the language.
  • “max-video-preview: [number]” (NEW) – the maximum duration in seconds for animated video preview
  • “max-image-preview: [setting]” (NEW) – the maximum size of the images for preview (options: “none”, “standard” or “large”)

New HTML attribute – data-nosnippet

This is a new way to limit showing part of the page as a preview in search results (for span, div, and section elements).

Important facts

  1. These changes will not affect the search ranking. They affect how snippets will display in search results. Of course, depending on how you decide to configure the settings, it may change CTR, which could then impact traffic.
  2. You can change the length of the snippet by changing the HTML attribute.
  3. Snippet settings for robots meta tags will become effective in mid-to-late October 2019. The new HTML attribute will be effective later this year.
  4. Google will 100% follow these settings/ The platform will abide by these new settings as a preference.
  5. Settings will apply to both the desktop and mobile devices. If the site has different versions for mobile and desktop computers, then in both cases the same markup should be used.

desktop and mobile devices


You can make the coolest landings with the best usability and developed on the latest technology. But if your target audience can’t find you in the pool of ​​Google’s results (1.71 billion sites around the world), then you need to take matters into your own hands.

First, some statistics:

  • 67K Google searches performed every second
  • 39% of all global e-commerce traffic comes from search engines
  • 80% of users ignore paid ads

Therefore, you need to pay attention to SEO to refine your site so that search engines evaluate it most favorably for you. Tips to help you optimize your landings:

Relevant data

The audiences come to your landing page to get the required information. If you don’t provide it, the audience will leave the site. It can adversely impact your search engine rankings. The quality of the content more meaningful for the platform comparing the number of keywords.

Mobile indexing

More than 58% of requests come from a mobile device, so pay attention to the optimization for mobile devices. So, coupled with high-quality content, your site has every chance of increasing its ranking on Google.

Page Download Speed

The platform recommends optimizing page loading speed first. Slow speed prevents both the platform from correctly indexing your page and your audience, which will not wait until the landing page loads to the end.

Add video

Now the video is very successful, you can check it here. Therefore, we recommend adding video clips on the site to get the attention of the audience.

Voice search

According to forecasts, by 2020, voice search should be 50% of the total number of search queries, so now begin to prepare for this trend. You can read more on this topic here.

Instead of a conclusion

We hope that the information was useful for you, take it to work and remember “SEO isn’t about fact results. It’s about the amazing results in the future. You only need to work”. Good luck!

Results in the future

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