Paid traffic sourse for affiliate marketing

Paid traffic sources for affiliate marketing

The Grail, filled with cheap or even free traffic sent through targeted channels – is the dream of any affiliate marketing specialist. An experienced professional knows that the Grail does not exist. But there are dozens of reliable proven methods that have their own advantages and disadvantages.

We, the LeadBit team, face the problem of finding traffic all the time. Lead mining mechanisms are becoming obsolete day by day, new methods appear, and forgotten methods become unexpectedly relevant. What is really working now, which channels are profitable for the nutra, which are suitable exclusively for dating? What to choose for a beginner: teasers, pushs, pop-unders or native ads? When will paid traffic to be effective for affiliate marketing and in which cases will it be easy to do without free traffic?

The answers to all the questions require a deep and serious analysis of the market, testing experimentally each source for affiliate marketing. But don’t worry, we’ve already done it for you. We have studied the vast majority of existing channels, identified the strengths and weaknesses, and the verticals that are effective for them. Do you want to know how not to waste your budget in vain, but to use every cent invested with maximum effect? Then read on.

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What are the advantages of the paid sources of traffic

Let’s go through the basics for readers who are just starting their way in affiliate marketing. Traffic is the number of visitors to a virtual resource for a certain unit of time. 100, 1000, 10,000 units per hour, day, month.

Traffic generation is the task of the source. This is the channel through which the user gets to the site. Subsequently, the webmaster tries to turn each of them into a lead, into a user who performs certain actions ordered by advertisers. There are many options: clicking on a link, filling out a registration form, entering feedback into the contact system, filling out a questionnaire, buying a product or ordering services.

The task of any source is to generate traffic
The task of any source is to generate traffic

For each lead, the webmaster receives a specified reward. The difference between the amount paid by the advertiser or advertising network and the cost of the purchased paid traffic is the webmaster’s profit.

This suggests a logical idea – to minimize the cost by using free sources. The profit, in this case, will not be the difference, but 100% of the income. Indeed, in some cases, this method works. The problem with free traffic is that it’s not a good fit for an affiliate marketing specialist. For the acquisition and subsequent lead generation, you need serious volumes, as well as a fast flow, which is formed literally in a week or a month, depending on the features of the advertising campaign. The free method does not satisfy either the volume or the speed.

After all, free traffic in 90% of cases is a direct transition from the Yandex or Google search results, via a link in a social network, messenger, or YouTube channel. To do this, you need a database – the channel itself, an account promoted to a certain level. To do this naturally will take a lot of time: months, years. For traffic from search engines, you will need competent SEO. It’s not fast, and it’s not completely free. To get into the TOP 10 of the search results in a natural way, you will need to please visitors with really interesting content for a long period of time.

What’s the bottom line? Free traffic, unlike paid traffic, is not suitable for arbitration. But if you have a powerful stream from search engines or promoted your own channels, this is an ideal alternative. Yet it’s not that easy for any affiliate marketing specialist to have such resources at hand.

Paid sources for affiliate marketing make a powerful stream of clients on a constant basis with almost no time for “overclocking”. Moreover, with the right advertising campaign, the audience will already be warmed up and targeted.

But in paid traffic, you should always remember that the flow depends not so much on the invested funds, but on the correct route chosen. How good are the creatives, slogans, headlines, how well the native advertising is embedded, and how targeting is configured?

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And the most important thing is which source is selected for the task. The purchase of traffic for affiliate marketing is built depending on it. Next, we will talk just about these sources.

Sources of good paid traffic

We will share information with you without any hierarchy. After all, it is impossible to make a TOP source. Each source effectively performs its own tasks. Therefore, our goal is to identify this task, as well as simultaneously consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option. It turns out that all participants in the review are equal, effective and profitable, the main thing is to apply them correctly.

Analyze and select your task for each source, only then the traffic will be effective
Analyze and select your task for each source, only then the traffic will be effective

Search and contextual advertising

After entering a commercial query in the search engine, in addition to the standard output of relevant resources, an ad is placed at the top or bottom of the page. These are sites that have paid for their place at the top for a specific search query.

The advantages are obvious: your site is displayed on the first page without any SEO costs. Those users who follow paid links make up a warmed-up audience, they are already looking for a product or service, they intend to buy it, it is only necessary to push them to do it.

There are several disadvantages. The main one lies in the need for constant budget control. The floating rate leads to fluctuations in the price chart in the seasons. Let’s explain, if you work with offers for the sale of air conditioners, you can easily go just above the base rate in the cold period of the year ― $ 5-6. In the summer, this price jumps sharply close to the boundaries of the established range, up to $ 25-50. You need to add funds to the budget in time, choose the right range in the auction, and calculate the budget policy in advance for successful money management.

Another disadvantage is the gradual growth of disapproval on the part of a potential client. Yes, the search engine remains a trusted platform, but now few people do not know that the output marked with “advertising” is different from the natural one. Maybe not every user understands exactly what the difference is, but advertising fields are less trusted.

The last drawback is the most unpleasant. Search engine rules are getting tougher and tougher. The grey verticals gradually completely disappear from the arbitrage options if you are working with a search engine. Cloaking and alternative methods of masking do not give an effect, search engines easily distinguish them already at the current stage. In the future, search advertising becomes a sphere exclusively for white verticals, so some affiliate marketing specialists will simply be eliminated.

The essence of contextual advertising is different. These are sales of specific banners on websites. They are shown only to the target users, based on the request history. When a person googles the features of choosing a microwave oven, he or she will be shown a banner about the purchase of this particular household appliance.

Which search engine should I turn to? The standard and most expensive for our region are Google and Yandex. Yahoo is slightly behind in popularity and tax, followed by Baidu, which unites the whole of China. More exotic, but still consistently bringing profit –,, And target groups and

Teaser networks

A teaser is a paid ad format that consists of an image with a short text comment. It attracts visitors with a “flashy” clickbait title and a defiant picture. The method is cheaper than alternative options but requires some experience in the field of traffic arbitration. You will also need a database of trusted resources. Otherwise, the webmaster risks attracting bots instead of normal clients. As you know, bots do not transform into leads.

Teaser networks are affiliate programs that allow you to drive traffic to the site automatically, without negotiating with each webmaster, which is very convenient for you.

Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

Teasernet has been running since 2008. It is rightfully considered the oldest, most authoritative, and trustworthy in its segment. It functions in the field of both regular and native teaser ads. You can register as a webmaster with up to 50 unique users on the site. This aspect makes it easier for beginners to log in, but it affects the quality of traffic. There is a referral program in the amount of 5%. The level of the participant does not increase from the number of clients brought in.

  • it offers a variety of advertising formats, click-throughs, full screens and mobile banners, Vast Preroll;
  • the cost per click depends on the settings. With low competition, it reaches a minimum of 5 kopecks. But it does not have a fixed threshold;
  • get started with$ 5 in your pocket. This is the basic limit for adding funds to your account;
  • the choice of targeting is wide. Age and gender parameters affect the price, but the growth begins from 35 years and older. The network claims that 90% of the traffic is from users over the age of 35;
  • geographical coverage is not limited, traffic for arbitration from all countries is accepted. But after analyzing the streams, the conclusion is that the overwhelming array of users from the CIS – 60%, 30% – the United States and the rest is a national team, mainly European audience;
  • only openly black offers are prohibited;
  • easy setup, accessible to beginners.

Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

Visitweb is a large network that combines traffic from desktop and mobile channels. It has an impressive performance of 1 billion demos per day for the total number of ads. It is characterized by high payments on the referral system – 20%. A good choice for finding pure paid traffic for bot-free affiliate marketing. Under the same account, you can work as a webmaster and advertiser at the same time. A good affiliate marketing specialist performs both roles, after all.

  • 9 ad formats. Teaser, blinds, sliders, push notifications and others;
  • there is no lower threshold on the CPC;
  • the entry amount is $2;
  • targeting is broad, taking into account the GEO, language affiliation, platform of the user and his provider, age and gender;
  • with a reach of 1 billion impressions per day, traffic mainly comes from the CIS;
  • there are no service restrictions on topics, only on those that are prohibited by law;
  • there are 28 built-in filters so that the participant can fine-tune the operation of the system. Most of them are intuitive, they will not require any consultations.

Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page is used by the RTB system. A competitive ad impression request is processed in real-time while the user loads the landing page. The project focuses on innovative solutions in the field, trying to become, if not the most popular, then definitely the most advanced. Therefore, it looks better in the list of trusted resources of a professional, rather than a novice.

  • a narrow number of formats. It is mainly used as a native block, a large block, 3-4 times larger than the standard one, and a mobile one;
  • there is no minimum CPC;
  • the deposit threshold is $ 5. Activate a free trial plan to explore the system;
  • targeting by gender, age, OS, country, and provider. It’s nice that there are ready-made templates to choose from;
  • all traffic is almost entirely from the CIS. But the system accepts participants who have at least 500 unics per day on the resource. Therefore, the traffic is reliable;
  • adult and game themes are blocked, and violations will be followed by a permanent ban.
  • the setup is deployed in 50 variations of the unique design of your ad template. Your design talent will unfold to the full.


The type of ad that pops up when the page is opened. The pop-under is located above the site content, so you have to close it with a click. The trick is that clicking on the cross in the corner of the screen, usually leading to the closure of the ad, will redirect the person to the target page.

Yes, buying such traffic, you always get an angry customer who did not want to make a transition to the site. But 1000 dissatisfied customers in the store is 1 purchase. Of course, this works in cases of a perfectly functioning store and an advertising campaign. This option is suitable for selling unique products. But leads for filling out forms and registering are not generated in this way. A person may still be interested in a bright “counter”, but the registration form will not be filled out for sure. The best option is an adult.

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Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

A global advertising network with a powerful service. Operational mechanisms for confirming valid sites for the system. PopAds offers its own tokens for configuring the RC on any platform. And we recommend using them. We will strictly stipulate that setting the targeting parameters and RC in this mechanism is a difficult task, almost impossible for beginners. But given the reference paid traffic, as well as a mostly solvent adult audience, the option is ideal for affiliate marketing for white offers.

  • standard pop-unders and pop-ups, and also tab-unders and tab-ups.
  • the price per click is set by the auction, the minimum depends on the demand of the audience that matches the request. For an impressions-an average of 1000 for visitors from the CIS will cost $ 1.5, and for a stream from the USA and Europe – $4;
  • opening an account is available from $10;
  • deployed targeting system for 30+ segmentation factors;
  • geography with coverage around the world, there is no country qualification. The channels are mostly from Europe and the USA;
  • there are no restrictions on the subject. That’s why webmasters who work with the affiliate marketing of paid adult traffic love this project so much;
  • the setup is really complicated, without experience you will not be able to understand all the nuances.


Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

PopCash is a network characterized by a user-friendly interface, convenient management and statistics. It is conditionally considered gray, due to being registered in an offshore zone. But it’s quite ordinary for the platforms providing paid traffic sources.

Separately, we note the operational work of the support service, 8 different ways to deposit and withdraw funds. A good resource for any offers that work with traffic from popunders.

  • only popanders can be purchased online. This is the standard of narrow specialization.
  • the price per click is set by bidding. Start always with 0.0005$;
  • you can top up your credit card with a minimum of$ 5;
  • for targeting, set the age range, country, OS, and device of the user, operator. You can choose the type of connection for a potential client;
  • GEO is mostly from the US, with less traffic from Europe. There are at least a few visitors from the CIS.;
  • there are no restrictions on topics;
  • the setup is detailed but intuitive. Therefore, the service looks good as a basic platform for a beginner.


Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

An old-timer in the vastness of the global network. PopUnder is an entire exchange, not just an advertising network. If the webmaster asks the question: where to buy traffic for affiliate marketing – this is the right decision in almost any case. It’s not the cheapest, fastest, and most efficient service. But in 90% of cases – the most diverse. As practice shows, it is better to be used for low-cost leads, and it is also suitable for the “grey” zone. But white offers should be held back.

  • 11 ad submission formats. And also the author’s format called Vinstant, which has become a hit;
  • the auction starts at $ 0.0040. The system recommends setting a range of up to $ 10 for competitive areas;
  • there is no threshold for adding funds to your account, only the limitations of your payment system or bank.
  • targeting is segmented by 15+ factors;
  • the geography is almost entirely in the CIS, users from other countries are rare guests;
  • restrictions on gray verticals are present, according to the resource, but the adult is available even without cloaking;
  • the setup will not cause difficulties, no experience and special skills are required.


Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

A multi-platform complex that combines pop-under, push, text ads, and even brokerage traffic. Clickadu is a convenient tool if the webmaster leads a dozen projects at once or is working on one, but redirects traffic to it in different ways. In principle, this type of paid traffic is expensive for ordinary leads, so without equally expensive offers, the platform will not be effective.

  • the main choice – pop-anders, push, video pre-rolls, banners, text ads;
  • the minimum CPC is $ 0.001. But during the bidding process, it grows significantly;
  • to launch an advertising campaign, you will have to top up your account by $100;
  • targeting by technical requirements is diverse – OS, device, connection type; and for both desktop and mobile devices. There are fewer demographic factors – gender, age, location;
  • 8 billion impressions from 240 countries. This is the absolute leader in coverage in its segment;
  • no restrictions on topics;
  • the setup is simple, though complex.

PPV traffic

Pay-Per-View is a special type of paid traffic. In this case, payment is made for each impression. But the ads pop up only for people who have installed a certain program. Usually, these are free games, small software with free distribution. The toolbar that comes in conjunction with the program is marked with a checkmark, but some of the audience does not remove it, getting the version of the marketing spy on their computer.

It tracks user actions and produces ads with fine targeting down to a specific URL. You can only show your ad to the client who visited the selected site. A person wanted to buy a smartphone in DNS, and you will show him an ad with an offer for cases for this particular model. It sounds like a fairy tale, but there is one slight problem: modern browsers and extensions like to block pop-ups from toolbars.


Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

Propelmedia has existed since 2006 and associates itself with a unique “intent-based” platform. It attracts strictly targeted traffic based on the consumer’s intentions.

The project is completely white, designed for an English-speaking audience. There are almost no guests from the CIS or Arab or Asian countries. With the help of the service, you will be able to catch up with elite paid traffic for affiliate marketing. But we also need appropriate offers.

  • two types of ads, push notification, pop-up at the selected URL in the upper-right corner, or opening the landing page in a new tab when navigating;
  • there is no minimum display price, it is set in the order of the auction;
  • you start immediately with a large deposit – $ 1000. This is the choice for affiliate marketing specialists with a solid budget;
  • targeting by address or key search queries in the search engine;
  • geography: officially it operates worldwide. In practice-80% of traffic comes from the United States;
  • restrictions are serious, adult content is excluded, as well as any advertising campaigns that call for intolerance;
  • the setup is simple, choose a price range, one of two targeting options, and launch your ad campaign.

RTX Platform

Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

A project from 50onRed, well-known in the circles of experienced affiliate marketing specialists. Rtxplatform runs on three platforms simultaneously: InText, Pops, and Display. Therefore, there are more formats than standard PPV projects. An excellent source of exclusively English-language traffic, mostly from the United States. Suitable for exclusives, “fat” offers, works well with wellness products.

  • three ad formats, in addition to the new window and push, there are also text notifications like teasers;
  • the cost per click is estimated by the auction, but in this project it is expensive. In competitive keys, it starts from $1;
  • the minimum budget for an advertising campaign is $ 500, which is typical for American projects, but very inconvenient for a novice webmaster;
  • the options for targeting are wider than those of competitors, but remain tied up to the search behaviour of the person;
  • geography: mainly in the United States, rarely in Europe, almost never in the CIS and Asia;
  • there are no restrictions on ads, as long as they do not violate the US laws;
  • the setup is simple and comprehensible.


Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

Selfadvertiser is the first PPV platform on our list that works as an exchange. In addition to PPV, there is also push and pop traffic. The quality of the PPV itself is not as high as that of the two previous versions. There is no need to redirect the audience exclusively to expensive offers, especially since the price of this paid traffic is much lower. It is suitable for standard affiliate marketing on medium-low-cost leads. Dating shows good results, such an audience likes international dating, as well as adult content.

  • pop and push traffic, a standard version of PPV with a redirect or opening the page in a new tab;
  • the base cost per click is $ 0.01, plus, the cheat from bidding in competition;
  • the minimum budget for an advertising campaign is $20;
  • targeting depends on the ad selection, for PPV it is narrow, for other options it is expanded;
  • 6 billion impressions daily in 114 countries;
  • prohibited types of advertising, in addition to those prohibited by law, are not specified;
  • the setup is multi-level, but the user-friendly interface explains everything in detail.


Pop-ups on websites that appear on top of the page have already become a classic. The technology has been working for decades, but it has become relevant in affiliate marketing relatively recently. The main advantages of pushs include a high CTR. Despite its obsession, it is still not a pop-under and not a redirect, so the user is not so annoyed, which affects the quality of traffic, increasing the RIOT.

The option is great for dating, adult, gambling. By the way, Products in the lower price range are better bought through push-ups.


Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

TacoLoco – a service for acquiring traffic from specific verticals: sweepstakes, dating, and gambling. We know from practical experience, that these three verticals are better suited for push-ups than the others. The project really knows its main client, affiliate marketing specialists, and develops based on their preferences. Given the 100% view of push-us, this is a great option for high-level conversion for the designated offers. The disadvantages include the fact that no affiliate programs are found on the service, there is no referral system by definition.

  • only push notifications can be purchased;
  • 0,001$ as а basic cost per click;
  • the starting budget of an ad campaign – 100$;
  • advanced targeting types that are not typical for regular push services;
  • the geographical coverage includes more than 100 countries, about half of the audience is from the CIS, 30% – from the USA, Canada, Europe. The rest is for all other regions. The percentage of mobile traffic reaches 80%;
  • no restrictions beyond the norms of the law;
  • simple setup with a user-friendly interface.

Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

The project specializes in adult content traffic. Affiliate marketing of such content is not the easiest thing to do, a lot of white services do not want to work with it. also offers a database of 4 thousand sites that will be an excellent springboard for your adult pushers. Plus, the client gets a personal manager to advise on the nuances of the advertising campaign.

The disadvantage is obvious, it is not suitable for alternative verticals.

  • two types of ads: push-ups and native ads;
  • The CPC is determined by an auction with a base threshold of $0.0001;
  • the advertising campaign can be started from the 20$ budget;
  • extensive targeting selection, 15-20 demographic factors, depending on the type of ad you choose;
  • GEO coverage includes many countries, the service does not give an exact figure, but users from almost all regions are noticed. The problem is in the quality, mostly this paid traffic comes from the countries of the second or third world;
  • for adults, there are their own standards, images in creatives are moderated, the transition without the “18+” bar is blocked;
  • you can customize a unique widget; a built-in creative designer is simple and user-friendly.

Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

Unlike the previous ones, the network does not focus on one or more verticals but covers almost the entire framework that works for push-ups. Richpush works perfectly with wellness products, dating, gambling, sweepstakes, media. Only the adult content remains out of business. Not the best choice for affiliate marketing of paid traffic in the adult vertical, fortunately, in this case, we use

  • you can only buy push-up notifications here;
  • CPC starting point is001$;
  • to get started, top up your deposit by $100
  • standard targeting by age, gender, country, device type, and OS;
  • coverage based on 450 million regular subscribers from Europe and the United States;
  • the project does not have its own restrictions specified;
  • the setup is simple, plus there is a built-in advertising campaign optimizer that helps you understand the functions.

Native advertising

In order for native advertising to be effective, you do not need a powerful creative or even a competent offer. The basis of native advertising is the author who places it at home. This usually means a personal or corporate blog whose readers love, respect and trust the author. A natural ad placed on a blog is a link, a small teaser, or a banner. The main thing is the author’s recommendation that the product or service on the link is really worth the transition.

Suitable for expensive offers, where the lead is paid without stint. After all, the cost of native advertising in live blogs with a large number of subscribers is usually serious. This is one of the most expensive types of paid traffic for affiliate marketing.


Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

The service is originally from the United States, which allows you to promote your product with the help of copyrighted content. Outbrain combines 35+ services. Moreover, only elite resources will be able to pass the qualification to get into the list. Among the participants of the service there are such as CNN and ESPN, is there anything else to comment on?

  • you can buy banners and links with text comments;
  • basic CPC – 10$;
  • there is no minimum deposit threshold, but the daily spending limit is not less than $ 10;
  • targeting allows you to select blogs with the accuracy of specifying a specific URL;
  • GEO-exclusive first world countries, elite paid traffic;
  • a good third of verticals are prohibited, and even the authors of blogs themselves put their own censor;
  • the setup is simple, the basic parameters can be learned in ten minutes.


Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

A platform for native advertising that has been on the market since 2006. In principle, since the birth of native advertising as a method of affiliate marketing of paid traffic.

Taboola is distinguished by its own unique tools for optimizing the advertising campaign, retargeting, and uses video formats for presenting the information. An interesting tool for offers that sell innovative products.

  • standard native posts, teasers, and banners are used;
  • CPC from 1$;
  • basic account replenishment – $ 10 per day;
  • there is both general and special targeting for advanced specialists, a system of recommendations from the administration;
  • GEO on Tier 1 countries;
  • adult content is strictly prohibited;
  • setting up is not the easiest, but a lot of modules and tools inside the site allow you to cope with this task without a serious waste of time.


Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

A teaser network that allows you to place native ads on top platforms. It loses out to such specialists in its field, like Outbrain, but wins in terms of price. It is cheaper to buy traffic for arbitration here, and if the advertiser does not pay $ 30-40 per lead, then it is more logical to stop working with Revcontent.

  • ad formats – native ads in the form of text messages and various variations of teasers;
  • PCP without competition – 1$;
  • get started by adding $50 to your balance;
  • targeting is deep, and not only for the resource but also for the user. Still, this is a teaser in the first place;
  • GEO consists of 70% of the audience from Europe, the United States and Canada, the rest-Asian countries;
  • adult content is prohibited;
  • easy setup.

Traffic from messengers

This is a powerful competitor for SMS and e-mail mailing lists, gradually winning their war for popularity. People use instant messengers everywhere. However, as a foundation for an advertising campaign, the method is not suitable, because it is too narrow in specialization and a small amount of traffic. As a supplement, this is a great option.

Focus on one of the three key channels – WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram.

The first one holds the TOP popularity, the audience is mixed. WhatsApp is used by both people over 50 years old and schoolchildren. Therefore, you can send absolutely any traffic, almost every offer is suitable. The main thing is to properly deal with targeting.

The second is a direct competitor of WhatsApp, more focused on the audience in the range of 16-30 years. Therefore, you should carefully choose offers, because some of the offers will not fit the described age group.

The third one is mostly used by young people. Accordingly, it is ideal for advertising innovative products, fashionable life hacks, IT products and similar offers. Plus, keep in mind that the vast majority of people who use Telegram live in the CIS countries.

In-app and mobile traffic

Up to 60% of all advertising spending in the world goes to the mobile sphere – this is a fact. Mobile apps generate millions of traffic streams every day. People play, communicate, and solve work tasks with their help. As a result, people constantly see ads. It can be a native, ordinary banner, subtly hidden behind the gameplay of the application in the form of a quest, the reward for completing which is the internal game currency.

It is worth promoting a product through the In-app. For adult content, wellness products, or gambling, this is a completely unsuitable type of paid traffic. However, the dating looks appropriate here.


Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

Airpush combines three networks at once-Smaato, MobClix, and Openx. The RTB technology is used, which allows to integrate a common control system across all channels at once. Convenient, fast, but not cheap. Those specialists who are ready for a serious auction will be able to buy traffic from here.

I am pleased with the choice of calculation options, in addition to 1000 impressions and clicks, there are options for actions and installing the target software. Accordingly, using banal mathematics, you can calculate the cost of an advertising campaign for each client, and the cost of an offer, if action is just an installation. If the result of the calculation is positive, you will be in the black.

  • overlays, media, landing pages, rich ads, banners, dialogue boxes, and push buttons are available;
  • CPC is set within the bidding process, low basic cost per click, starting from 001$;
  • basic account – 50$. Moreover, you have to ad $10 per day for your advertising campaign;
  • targeting mobile devices, not their users. You can target specific models, versions, OS of smartphones and tablets. Targeting GEO is also available;
  • global GEO coverage;
  • there are many restrictions: almost no gray offer will pass, dating is filtered, the adult is blocked, gambling passes strict moderation;
  • the setup will not cause difficulties. The optimizer and scheduler, as well as detailed manuals, will help you.


Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

Unlike the previous service, this one works with ten networks at once. There are even more opportunities, but the budget will also need to be more serious. Just note that for full-fledged work, you will need white offers, any hint of “greyness”, so in addition to the refusal, the buyer of arbitration traffic will also receive a ban.

An effective choice for game and app verticals. If the customer is willing to pay for the installation of the application or registration in the game, Go2Mobi will be the most effective tool.

  • you can buy interstitial and teasing banners;
  • CPC is less than $0.05, which is considerably higher than the average cost on the market;
  • add $100 to launch a campaign;
  • the targeting system is the leading one among In-app networks. Setting compliance by device, software, and demographic characteristics;
  • 90% of the paid traffic in this service comes from Tier1 states. Users who are ready to buy expensive high-quality goods;
  • bans on creatives are full: gambling, adult, any form of calls for action and any other suspicious offers;
  • services for mobile traffic tend to simplify, as do all mobile applications. The setup is no exception: it is multi-level, but understandable even for a beginner. A professional, however, will find an extended set of parameters where you can dig if you want.

Interface of the home page
Interface of the home page

The project is inferior to the two previous ones, but due to this fact, competition is reduced. It is easier to win an auction without reaching too high a CPC. In other respects, the principle is similar to alternative services.

  • the choice between banners and teasers;
  • staring CPC is $0,05;
  • starting deposit – $50;
  • targeting specified mobile devices and GEO;
  • the traffic comes mainly from Tier1 countries, but about 25% comes from Tier2;
  • standard restrictions for mobile networks: adult and gambling are prohibited;
  • you can set up an advertising campaign without experience, there are not many functions.

Mass Text Messaging

An additional source of paid traffic for arbitration, which is gradually losing relevance. Use this method only in conjunction with other channels, it is too narrow in itself. Most users react negatively to SMS messages with ads, filtering them automatically. The exception is people aged 50+. Therefore, this paid source works well in verticals designed for this target audience. Alternatively, you can promote wellness products with a focus on health and care, rather than decorative cosmetics.

Telecom operators in the last couple of years began to actively block SMS mailing, offering customers special services for an additional fee. Many users have used it. This is one of the reasons for the loss of popularity of this marketing channel. The limited presentation also plays a role, it is just a text message without visual accompaniment.

Mass E-mail Sending

This method is similar to the previous one. However, in addition to the audience of 50+, it is sometimes worth focusing on the B2B segment. Almost all companies consider mail requests without fail. If the commercial offer is made correctly, then it may well be of interest. Of course, the offer must be appropriate, aimed at the B2B sphere.

It is necessary to clearly distinguish between the usual mailing list with a short text and full-fledged commercial offers. Send commercial offers only to hot customers in B2B. A short mailing list is also suitable for a cold audience if you have a database of live addresses.

Niche sources of paid traffic

Certain verticals are fairly referred to as grey – not quite legal ones. You will not be able to get traffic to them for arbitration in a good half of advertising networks and services. We will have to find niche alternatives that work exclusively with these topics. The quality of traffic in them, by the way, will be better, the user will come already pretty warmed up.

Such verticals include gambling, adult and partly finance. We have prepared a whole list of resources and programs for working on these verticals.

  1. Adult;
  2. Gambling;
  3. Finances.


1. What paid sources are suitable for beginners?
It all depends on the chosen vertical, target audience, and partner network you are working with. The easiest channels to master are deservedly considered teaser ads and pop-under. The first one is inexpensive, there is a right to make mistakes, the second one has a 100% chance of a click when showing. With a serious budget, it is worth trying to work with search traffic, for arbitration, this is a great way to get a warmed-up audience.
2. Which advertising networks are the cheapest?
If you do not have a very large budget for paid traffic, then choose networks that work with the CIS audience, Arab and some Asian countries. The United States, Canada, and Europe are expensive, but also a paying audience. It is better to focus on low-cost offers with low competition, then the cost per click will not be too high. Choose teaser networks, pop-unders, and push-ups. Stay out of native ads, in-app ads, and search ads until your budget is sufficient.


Even the sources of paid traffic for arbitration described in the article are enough for a beginner to get lost in the flow of information. This is only a small part because we only went through the most relevant services. In fact, in each source, there are dozens of times more of them vertically.

To optimize your advertising campaign in time, adapt to a flexible market, constantly changing customer moods, and learn about the emergence of new profitable services and methods in time – stay with us. LeadBit always shares with you the latest, working tips from the world of affiliate marketing.

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